If we were having coffee: Feb 15

If we were having coffee today, I’d probably bring you a scone to go with it. Then I’d wanna read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and we’d probably build a fort in the living room and have story time, since you’re probably gonna get snowed in with me anyways.

This week has been an utter blur, as I’m transitioning from days to nights, which is ironically meaning less sleep, but whatever. This too shall pass and all that jazz.

I’m still having weirdo dreams involving running/needing to get somewhere in a hurry, but I have no idea what they might mean. We might chat about that for a while, in our pillow fort, in a slumber party kind of way. Ya know, when you’re trying to sleep, but you just keep talking, and talking, and then you realize it’s getting light outside and you’re like “Damnit, we have to sleep like right now” and then you keep talking and give up and go to Waffle House or something.

But we can’t, because we’re snowed in by now.

….want a scone?


3 thoughts on “If we were having coffee: Feb 15

  1. Kinda love those late night conversations that run all over the place and begin to blur with that lack-of-sleep. I miss when overnights with friends and talking to all hours were just a given. There is a severe decline in those conversations once out of college… at least for me.

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    • Same. Especially now that girlfriend and I go to bed at different times. Though, amusingly enough, last night we let Azy and Fen-Fen have a chat like that …of sorts. 😛

      New characters are always fun.


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