Tumblr Highlights: January

Winter is a good season for Tumbling.

For those of you that missed my personal posts, well, here’s a doozy.

The Dances of Asylum tag  saw some nice additions this month, as well as several lovelies queued up for next.

Asylum’s second skin will be overrun by pictures of my new baby python from now until I’m sick of taking pix of him (good luck), but he’s cute, and named after Nica’s cousin, so there.

If you need something a little less cutesy (ok, A LOT less cutesy), this horror comic is awesome, and awful, in the way horror comics should be.

If, after that, you need a good giggle, grammar jokes are always nice.

And if, after all that, you’re not sure how to feel, this handy chart might help.

If you find yourself, after ALL THAT, needing to write to get it all out, but not sure how to start, the Time to Write! tag can help.


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