Did you know? Tripp edition

A long time beta reader of mine suggested I share some tidbits with you all. I’m horrible about getting sidetracked while doing live beta sessions, where gems like this tend to come out. But some of these bits are things that would never come up in the writing, so here they are.

  • Tripp has grown out of the idea that initially mistook for Zig. Looking back now, I can’t believe I bought the load of crap Zig was selling me about being responsible and levelheaded and hard to rile- Zig is basically a tiny puppy on crack. I can see why he’d like to pretend to be his little brother, though, when trying to convince me to open a tattoo shop full of weirdos in my head.
  • Tripp’s “full name”, as far as made up legal documents go, is Trevor Tripptopher Jones (Yes, to match Zig’s David Zibert Jones). This is what happens when you let grade school boys names themselves.
  • Bonus fun fact: Tripp did indeed name himself after the Trevor Jones of the Laby soundtrack. If it’s good enough for Zig, it’s good enough for Tripp.
  • Tripp is the character I have the most doubt about voice on. I know who he is as a person, but I also know that I don’t even remotely perceive the world in the same way he does. I also know he’s the sort to not notice the tiny details, so I can’t count on him to be self-editing like I can the other characters. But seriously, when you hear color and see sound and perceive the ebb and flow of fate, energy, karma and that ilk like we perceive strangers walking down the street (i.e. hardly at all, unless they do something important, but we still know they’re there)- I mean seriously, how am I supposed to write that?
  • Tripp was originally meant to inherit Zig’s magical gifts, and Zig himself was supposed to die. No spoilers, but hooray for the power of sibling love. (side note: this is not “supposed to die” in the same sense that Seth wasn’t meant to be a thing. This is canonically speaking, someone was meant to kill him and it just didn’t happen that way, because it wasn’t meant to.)

So who would you all like to hear from next?



3 thoughts on “Did you know? Tripp edition

  1. The comment on Tripp hearing colors made me think of synesthesia, when a person can do exactly that–hearing colors or tasting colors. Kinda makes me love him more. πŸ™‚ But I can see that writing him would be incredibly difficult. I think we all have that character that isn’t difficult to write, it’s just difficult to see into their brain. I have a character like that and writing them is like doing a dance. They never get frustrated at me but *I* get frustrated at me because I know that I am not writing them correctly.

    And I’m glad that Zig didn’t die. I quite like him. Can we get to know the person who was supposed to kill him and failed or is that a spoiler?

    Thanks for these!

    Who next?

    -Rain, Myles, Nica…can’t think…too tired…Anyone! I love all of them! (Especially Seth. :-p )


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