An unbirthday, of sorts

Alli is having another party!

I seem to really enjoy using Taliana’s party to take new characters out for a spin, and since the theme this time is unbirthday, it seemed appropriate to celebrate my newest people. Meet the three Illias, and join the fun over on EclecticAli’s blog!

Raeven hadn’t written anything since last year. Granted, it was only January, so that was a bit dramatic, but still. Taliana’s Masque had been great fun, and a good way to get October off her back, so maybe it was time to let ks’Tiaro and Orait shine, as it were. Or maybe Illia? Hrm…

She snuck into Purdy’s, determined not to let any of the more established characters run over the new guys. Not that she’d needed to worry. Lark was already there, lounging on the couch with the three Illia’s.

“I’d make a joke about puppy guarding, but that seems to be in bad taste.” I grinned and flopped down next to him, snuggling under the arm he had draped over the back of the couch. “How’s Frost doing?”

“He’s fine, far as I can tell.” Lark shifted without a thought, thick fur radiating warmth against my cheek as I laid my head on his arm. “How are you all enjoying the snow?”

“Bah, I’m ready to be done with it- snow is pretty, but it’s so damned cold.”

I made a face as Lark’s bark of laughter shook me from my cozy perch.

“Sorry, I’ve just always found it so damned funny that you wound up a snow bunny.”

“Shut it. I didn’t come here to put up with your abuse, I’m here to pick up a party guest.”

I turned away from Lark’s warmth and addressed the three silvery women sitting across from us.

“Alright, who’s game for a tea party? pri-Illia, let me warn you- the theme is snow. It’s supposed to be spelled, but I imagine you’re about as happy with “Icy chica” as Frost is right now?”

The darkest complected of them nodded, barely looking up. Poor girl. She looked so small curled in on herself- I wondered what stage of her narrative she had just come from. Not a happy part, far as I could tell, but maybe a party would do her some good? “Just think it over,” I said, reaching out to pat her knee. She patted my hand, and only years of working with Frost kept me from jumping at how chill her skin was. Maybe it would be better if she stayed with Lark…

The tallest Illia shifted in her seat, her silvery form shimmering as she moved. It made me blink, though I knew her blurriness had nothing to do with my vision.

“Still not settled into your new skin yet?”

The idea of a no drifted through my mind, though her lips never moved. I was very curious to get to know the middle Illia, but I didn’t want to ruin her by taking her out too early.

That left ks’Tiaro. “How about it, reija? Care to harvest new threads with me?”

The smallest and fairest of the Illia pursed her lips at the title, but she seemed amused enough when she spoke. “I suppose you’ll want to bring my brother along as well?”

I grinned. “If he’s aimable. I know he doesn’t like to show his face in public.”

“Only where he doubts it will be well received.”

I leaned forward on my knees, fixing her in a more serious gaze. “No one needs to know him as anything more than my guest. Will he come?”

Her silver eyes were unreadable as she considered me for a long moment. Finally, she nodded and stood. “I will discuss this with my brother, but yes, I imagine Orait and I will accompany you.”

I stood and gave her a proper bow at the waist, before giving her a soft smile. “Thank you, reija’Illia. I know you’ll have a good time.”

Her answering smile had a familiar hint of scowl. “I doubt it- from what I’ve heard, it was lucky my grandson made it out of the last party alive.”



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