Tumblr Highlights: December

Sadly, like this blog, the Tumblr has been running on queue fumes. I just haven’t had the energy for anything but keeping my paying job. Funny how not being able to draw a full breath will do that to you.

On the plus side, I can almost draw a full breath again, so that’s nice.

Also, I’m kind of a Tumblr addict (why I abandoned my last tumblr account), so the queue had lots to run on (including lots of posts I’d harvested from my old tumblr, when my lovely girlfriend reminded me it still existed). Harvests from the old Tumblr show my fangirl side a bit, but screw it. I love what I love so there. 😛

The Dances of Asylum tag was kinda slow this month, but this gif of David Tennant is wonderful inspiration for serpent hips. 🙂

I thought this video was really cool, and it’s a handy quick reference for anyone who likes to write in the past ten decades.

These are apparently what was lurking around in my subconscious when I wrote about Tripp’s handmade jewelry. I had completely forgotten them, but they’re another gem rescued from my old tumblr.




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