Tumblr Highlights: November

Ok, so it’s a bit late, but we’re all running behind this season, yeah? If you need a seasonal pick me up, the Tumblr is full of snowy scenes and christmas lights and all that good stuff, just like halloween had taken over last month.

But aside from all the snowy glory,


The Dances of Asylum tag has some lovely additions this month, including this very impressive video, but also this gif of Bowie, because why not?

The LENAANDJONFOREVA tag had some really precious additions this month, and the Asylum’s second skin ranged the gambit from pathetic to downright silly.

Zig and the puppies are doing well, though not quite to this level. Then again, Freecloud isn’t that dainty. Also, Zig fans, some NSFW.

The For Cera tag saw a bit of departure from just Red Pandas and Tigers, but not a lot (she likes what she likes :P).

And finally, if you missed the Time to Write posts, catch up with them! Check out this post. and this tag for all your GO FORTH AND WRITE needs.




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