Did you know? Zig edition

A long time beta reader of mine suggested I share some tidbits with you all. I’m horrible about getting sidetracked while doing live beta sessions, where gems like this tend to come out. But some of these bits are things that would never come up in the writing, so here they are.

  • Zig first tried to enter the scene as a guitar playing serpent named Zak/Zeke.
  • We met the Spiders by spending the evening listening to David Bowie. Again, Zig had some identity issues- this time, Zig came off much more like Tripp, all serious and mature-like. (Yeah, Zig. Can you believe it?)
  • His favorite pancake topping: maple candied-jalepenos. Actually, he loves it on everything.
  • Zig is my favorite character to write (but don’t tell any of the others of that ;P)

So who would you all like to hear from next?



3 thoughts on “Did you know? Zig edition

  1. Hee. Zig! He’s a sweetie! I can’t imagine him being mature and serious like Tripp. I know that it’s in him but I have a hard time picturing him like that. (And are maple candied jalepenos a real thing? I only know the ‘average’ brands of candy ie. Snickers, Twix, etc.)

    You know who I would like to hear about next so take everyone else suggestions first because I’m sure that we’ll get to Seth. (And can we have some on Az, please?) :-p I don’t know why I always end up intrigued by the creeps.

    Thanks for these facts! ๐Ÿ™‚


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