Weekly Writing Goals: December, week 1

Man, I’ve already lost a week of December?! Where is all the time going?

December kicked things off with a post-NaNo funk, but I seem to be kicking it. Cera reared her bitchy little head again and is complaining about Dominik putting up a christmas tree. Should be fun, and I could really use a good spot of fun writing. All of this “writing is work” nonsense is killing me.

But, writing is still work, and I’m hoping to get a reliable editing pattern established for Asylum’s chapters. I -really- wanna see it go up before Spring, but that means I -really- need to be editing it.

Which, I suppose, I’ll go do.


One thought on “Weekly Writing Goals: December, week 1

  1. Remember in all this editing madness to make time for fun scenes, too. Cera and Dominik sound great. You could also do little drabbles. I personally wonder what Seth gets in his stocking. (Could I fit? :-p )

    Happy editing! How very exciting that Asylum is about to be birthed into the world! 🙂

    (And how is it already the second week of December? Good grief.)


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