Sketches: “Naj” and “Seth”

When I was younger, I found this awesome “how to draw” book that suggested stetching your creativity by drawing random lines and turning them into doodles. This is still my go-to practice when I want to sketch but nothing is making itself my ready model.


This was done late night in a Starbucks while Cait and I were trying desperately to unlock some Chimera characters. Mine was a Wyvern, so I started with my two favorite serpents and worked my way out.


2 thoughts on “Sketches: “Naj” and “Seth”

  1. Can I just say that this is the cutest drawing EVER? Look at the little heart! It is so sweet!!

    Thank you so much for sharing. (And drawing without rules can really bring out some amazing creativity! I had no idea that something like this could evolve from random lines. Such fun!)

    Aw, Naj and Seth!! I’m going to have to go before I get all teary eyed.


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