NaNo 2014: Day 19

5k. 5 friggin k.

My wrists are killing me. 😛

Somehow, in two hours, I was able to bang out 5k today. I know how- I completely abandoned all pretense of plot. I literally sat my characters down and said “Hey, talk at me.” I don’t usually like to get that Meta, but sometimes, especially towards the end of NaN0, it’s what I need.

The bar cleared out the instant Raev decided she needed. There were perks to being the boss’s boss. She wondered what it said about her that she went to a bar to get her shit together, or that she was writing in the first person.
“Better than that first present shit,” Zig said in passing. He hadn’t quite made the transition, what with NaNo and NaNo Relief bash pulling him in all sorts of directions, but he was here enough to comment.
Rook, however, never left the bar unless he was actually needed. “Write drunk, edit sober Hemmingway.” He pulled out a chair, spinning it around so he could lean on the back of it. At least he was smart enough to come baring gifts.
“Isn’t it a little early for White Russians?”
“A bit, but an Irish coffee would be too much like trying to write and edit at the same time, and I didn’t think you were up for that kind of contradiction.”
“Watch it, Rook, or I’ll go all “Kill all your darlings” on your ass.”
“Love you too, babe. Give Caitlin my best.”
“Go fuck yourself.”
“When you’re done, dear. We’re busy at the moment.”
Nope, not rising to that bait. The line between myself and Rook has been too thin for too long, I’m not even gonna touch it.
“Awww, damnit! If I’d known you were gonna start 1st/pres again, I wouldn’t have mentioned it.”
Zig finally made the transition, grabbing a seat all Riker style.
“Cute, Ziggo. You here to make it so, Number One.”
“If need be,” he said with a grin. Jon headed over with a couple of long necked something, handing one off to Zig before taking the seat next to him. “So, what do you wanna hear?”
“What indeed…”
I lean back in my chair, taking in the unfinished ceiling and the magnificent rustic chandelier that I swear wasn’t there when we first visited karaoke night.
“Renovations, love. If you can remake The Box to The Lounge, I can buy a chandelier.”
I cross my arms and glare at Rook. “Still not forgiving you for disappearing for three years and building a bar. In my own head, without permission. Seriously, talk about ballsy.”
Rook just beams with pride and steals a sip of my drink.
“Oi! Get your own!” I swipe the glass from in front of him and cradle it to my chest. I know my breasts won’t stop him from stealing it back if he really wants it, but I can pretend. “It’s your bar, my drink.”
“May as well bring back the bottle!” I yell after him.
Rain is suddenly just there beside me, but strangely quiet. Is her personality not loading, or what? I’ll ignore it for now, and see what happens.
“Alright, the gang’s all here. Who wants to go first?”
Zig takes a sip from his beer, then settles back in his chair. “I’ll give it a go. BloodWhore is what you were most interested in before the blahs hit, yeah?”
I nod and get out my sketch pad, in case anything interesting comes up in the telling.


10 thoughts on “NaNo 2014: Day 19

    • I find dialogue comes very naturally, and that’s what most of that 5k is. Most of my writing process looks like this.

      “Thing the character says,” ACTION. “More things the character says.” [action?] “And more things.” [desired ending pose is this maybe?]

      Only, the quotes are actual dialogue. But the bit about ACTION and such are legit- I use placeholders to make sure I don’t lose my place in the dialogue trying to figure out if character has sighed too much in this paragraph. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 5 K is fabulous, my dear! And in two hours? That’s fantastic! Good for you!! I’m so excited for you!

    (And Zig! I love you, Zig! 🙂 ) I love seeing all your characters together. They really are a scream. Thanks for the goodies and good work today! Please rest your wrists and take good care of them!


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