NaNo 2014: Day 18

I’m getting the feeling most of Rain’s second book is going to be more about Rook and Jon than anything else. She’s just not doing much this book. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but, it’s a rough draft, right? 😀

“So now what?”
Jon had waited patiently while Rook had gone into the garden within the garden, waited when he reappeared only to climb down the cellar stairs without a word, waiting for him to come back up out of the Underground. He even waited until they were back in the truck, but Jon didn’t put it into gear until he knew what they were doing. There was giving Rook his space, and there was being left in the dark when they needed a solid plan. If Rook couldn’t make it himself, well, Jon at least needed to know the details of the situation.
“It’s over, Jon.”
Jon was really glad they hadn’t been moving.
“What do you mean, “over”? Moira’s still buried for at least another day, right? Or am I missing time?”
Rook stared straight ahead, voice flat. “Moira isn’t the concern anymore. If she’s stupid enough to show her face with a Destroyer in town, more power to her.”
A stirring of something dark pulled at the edges of Jon’s memory, but he let it go. He’d learned to recognize the memories that weren’t his own, the ones he held for Rook, and he knew nothing good would come of poking at them. If he could even get in past the barrier around them in the first place. Not that he wanted to try.
He knew enough to know that whatever Rook couldn’t remember, he couldn’t remember for a reason. Letting Jon hold them was just another precaution, like giving Jon the absolute control over Rook’s magic. It still lived in Rook’s body, but if he ever lost control, Jon could call it “home” to himself. He could rip the immortality from his best friend’s body, render him mortal, and you could be damned sure he’d drive the blade home himself. He knew exactly how important what Rook trusted him with was, and Rook knew Jon would never let him down.
But none of this helped them now. Now, they sat in the cab of a beat up old pick-up truck, Jon staring at Rook and Rook staring out the window.
“So, now what?”
It was stupid, but Jon didn’t know what to do with Rook’s defeat. They’d spent decades ignoring impossible odds. To have him just roll over like this… But he didn’t know what they were dealing with. There was nothing he could do but try to stoke the fire back under Rook’s heart.

“Now, we go home, get some sleep, and hand the girl over to the Destroyer in the morning. There is no fighting this, Jon.” He knew from the way Jon tensed beside him that he was just waiting to argue with him. But there was no arguing with annihilation- you simply took whatever choice they offered you. Rook had chosen to cooperate and live to fight another day.


One thought on “NaNo 2014: Day 18

  1. Personally, I love Rook and Jon. 🙂 Besides, we’re kinda waiting for Rain to come back to life after her trauma. It just wouldn’t be realistic if she bounced back after one chapter.

    And yep, be as rough with your draft as you want! I may go rub mine in the dirt to get it really ‘rough’. :-p

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