Monday Night Character-oke! (part 2 of ???)

Welcome back to NaNo Relief Bash, 2014! The party’s in full swing with Monday Night Character-oke at Rook’s bar! I’m hosting for a long time reader, who’s entire cast of characters have finally made it! Hijinks are undoubtedly about to ensue…

Part 1

Seth took in the crowd coming through the door immediately, having been waiting for a special guest to arrive. He had thought this might finally be their party, but while it did include a red-head, there was no way that was Mara. She would never allow herself to be carried over the doorway like that …would she? Their last letters had said Kyp and Mara were really exploring each other as a couple, so maybe… But Naj was asking him a question and Seth turned back to the conversation at hand. He’d find an excuse to get away in a moment, just in case…

The big man made his way up to the bar and up to the man with the blue hair and the younger woman. He thought that they looked like they were having a good time and stuck his hand out. “I’m very pleased to meet both of you!” He boomed enthusiastically. “You can call me Dante.”

Zig had to swallow down a cheeky “Call me Ishmael” and held out his hand with a smile. “Name’s Zig, this is Rain.”
Rain squeaked from behind her cider, eyes filling to their usual wide-eyed-freak-out mode.

The other man made his way over to Mela and she turned and kissed him when he came up to her. “Honey, this is Rook,” she said, pointing him out her eyes shining with happiness.
Luke stuck out his hand, noticing the drink that was already sitting on the counter. “Rook, my name is Luke and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Thank you for opening your lovely establishment up to everyone tonight! That is very nice of you and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” His words were completely sincere and he sounded thrilled to be here. He had an aura of deep peace around him but he was clearly excited to be here.
Mela cast her eyes over toward Mara and Kyp were. They appeared to be fighting, both of their expressions tense. She rolled her eyes. It didn’t matter what planet they were on, those two always fought. She turned back to the bar.

Rook grinned a genuine smile at the new fellow’s easy manner. He was such a social butterfly at heart, and it was so very good to see his party was a success. Happy guests made for a happy Rook. He clasped his hand in both of his own, giving it a good, firm shake. “Well met, my friend, and good to have you. Do make yourselves at home.”

Luke smiled at the man. “Thanks.” He sat down on the bar stool and took a sip of this drink. “Oh, stars, this is so good. I can’t believe that the water compressors broke.” He paused and then sighed. “Again.”
Mela wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck and spoke to him casually. “You know, darling, when you work for the government, you expect things to actually work not fall apart like they’ve been doing,” Mela shifted her arms so that she could lean her head on his shoulder and said, “And I walked away from Seth cause Mara said that she’d elbow me in the face if I talked to him.”
Luke’s mouth turned into a thin line and he closed his eyes and moments later, the woman with red hair walked up to him. The man who was holding her in his arms came with her, looking around the bar as though trying to see everything all at once.
“What?” The woman snapped in irritation.
Luke’s voice had a bite of impatience to it.
“Mara, I’ve told you, Kyp’s told you, everyone has told you that Seth will seek you out when he’s ready. You can’t just shout his name out in the bar as soon as you walk in the door. We don’t want to offend these people’s hospitality.”
“Told you, lover,” the man next to her said casually, his eyes still zooming around the bar. She ignored him.
The woman named Mara gave Luke a cutting look. “Master, these people have sex all over the place. I doubt that shouting his name would be a criminal offense and I’ve known this man for nearly a year. I thought that he would find me and hug me the moment that I came in the door.” Irritation was written all over her face to cover up the hurt that she was feeling.
“The poor man is probably busy, Mara,” the man next to her pleaded. She glared at him before Luke spoke sharply to her.
“And what do you mean, telling my wife that you are going to elbow her in the face?” His anger was written all over his face.
Mara merely shrugged and smiled nastily at Mela who flipped her off and turned back to her drink.
“Will you two please get along tonight since we are on vacation?” The man with Mara said in a pleading tone and shot a desperate look at Luke.
“No,” both of them answered and Mara’s eyes wandered the room and then they settled on the bar and she broke into an evil grin.
“Rook?” She asked, her green eyes shining with amusement.

Rook watched the exchange the way a cat a watches a mouse. He noted all the subtle exchanges running beneath the verbal ones, saw the power structure unfold as they chided and bickered and teased and reprimanded. A lively group, indeed, but even the “loose cannon” seemed well contained so no need to worry just yet. He’d keep a close eye on them all, glad he’d already insinuated himself via Mela, but they’d probably be self-policing. Still, he would be remiss if he didn’t do his duty.
And then the red-head singled him out, and instantly his face fell into his usual mask of easy charm. “Correct, my dear. And whom do I have the pleasure of hosting and what would she like to drink?”

She grinned and then wrapped her hand around her mouth but seemed to have broken into giggles. The man with her stepped forward, shooting her a ‘be nice’ look.
“Her name is Mara, my name is Kyp and she will have a Sex on the Beach. I’d love a rum and coke, please, if you have it.” He turned back to the woman still shaking with giggles.
“I just imagined he’d be so much bigger,” she gasped through her laughter, tears shining in her eyes and Kyp turned away, sighing. At least that had gotten her mind off of Seth.

Rook grinned, leaning on the bar with one elbow. “Jack, Cruzan, Captain or Kraken?” His smile stayed perfect and polished, despite the giggling red-head. He was quite used to being underestimated for his size- in fact, it was often exactly the effect he was going for.

Meanwhile, Dante saw the terrified look in the girl’s eyes and he nodded politely. “Rain is a beautiful name.” He said his deep voice rumbling like thunder. “You remind me of my wife, so gentle and kind, you look like a very gentle soul. She is a rare jewel, as I’m sure that you are too,” he bowed, trying to buy himself some time as he frantically tried to think of something else to reassure the girl and wondered if leaving would be best but turned to the man with blue hair and piercings. Here was someone who knew how to have a fun time! He hoped that the girl would calm down now that his attention was not on her.

“Zig! My dear fellow! I’m so glad that you are not dead!” He said, shaking his hand so enthusiastically that he practically made the man’s whole body shake.

“Uh… thank you?” Rain wished she could crawl down into her bottle and hide. After confronting Mela, her liquid courage had all but wore off. Maybe it was time for a shot… Luckily, the big man turned his attention to Zig, and Rain did her best to flag down Jon without drawing anyone else to her.
It was Zig’s turn to go wide eyed. “Umm… me too?” He smiled a little too wide, but as long as he kept the attention off shy little Rain, they’d be fine.

Kyp smiled warmly at the man. “Jack, thank you and please excuse my wife,” he said as she stepped away from the bar momentarily. “She’s just giddy being here,” he said, cutting his eyes over to her. He exchanged a look with Luke who merely raised an eyebrow, took a sip of his drink and then let the glass go. It hovered in midair and his eyes traveled over the bar casually.

“Jack it is!” He went straight to work, knowing his way intimately around the bar, despite Jon’s insistences that he never worked. “Lime?” he asked cheerfully as he dumped two jiggers of Jack over the ice before hitting it with the soda gun.

“Thank you!” Kyp enthused and shook his head at the offer of lime. “Never liked the stuff much.”
Rook nodded and passed off the drink. “Nor I, but some have the taste for it, so I thought I’d offer.”
“Thank you, that’s very kind.” He exchanged a smile with Luke.

Dante felt bad that he did nothing to reassure seeing as she was looking at him oddly. He frowned but smiled warmly at Zig.
“Yes, my good man! Not dead! Wonderful to see you walking around!” He said, his smile evident behind his black beard. “Well, maybe I should get back to my friends,” he said, releasing Zig’s hand and giving them a tentative smile.

“Wonderful to be walking around- though with an open bar, that’s not likely to last, eh?” He raised his bottle in salute as the man made his leave. “Enjoy the party!”

Dante grinned and walked off, very pleased that they hadn’t shot him down. He walked over to his friends and said in an undertone to them,”Guess who’s not dead?” And motioned with his head over to Rain and Zig.

Rook nodded to the new comer. “Mela mentioned the same thing- tell me, stranger, why is everyone so surprised to see our boy up and kicking?”

Mara, who had managed to get control of herself saw the motion and her face instantly broke into a warm smile. “Oh, it’s Zig, isn’t it?”
Mela squealed with enthusiasm. “Oh, yes, he’s still alive. Wonderful, huh?” She said this casually and right after she did, Mara wrapped her strong hand around her arm.
“Come on! We’re two sexy bitches! Let’s go say hi!” She enthused and Mela tried to break free of her grip but it was too strong.
“Mara, get off,” she said, trying to wretch her arm out of Mara’s grip. She refused to let go and gave her head a shake, her red hair catching the light of the bar and making it shine like the setting sun.
Mara spoke in a cajoling tone. “Oh come on, you big baby! If Seth isn’t going to do me the courtesy of saying hi to me then let’s say hi to others! I actually kinda know them too!” Both girls made their way over to them, Mela tripped slightly in her heels as Mara pulled her forward and they stopped right in front of them.
“Zig! You are not dead!” Mara said first, grinning happily and patted him on the shoulder. And dropped her voice. “You know, confidentiality, I knew that you weren’t. I mean, how could you be dead, right?”
When she pulled away, Mela threw her arms around the man. “Oh, Zig! I was so upset, thinking of you dead! How terrible it must have been! But you are ok now, right?” she pulled away and looked at him with such sad eyes that it looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment.

Rain downed her shot, and without a word, Jon poured her another. If the girl was lucky, she’d get sloshed and go upstairs and lie down. These firecrackers from out of town were too much for her.
Zig kinda wished Jon would pour him a shot of his own. He’d promised Jules he wouldn’t get too shitfaced, but damn, this party was bizarre- even for Rook’s.
“Why does everyone think I should be dead?”

Meanwhile Luke shook his head and merely said, “Miscommunication and jumping to conclusions make for very interesting perceptions, my good man.” All of them had their eyes on the girls.

“Aaahh,” Rook said knowingly, masking the fact that he still knew nothing at all.

Speaking of which, where is our author? I thought that she’d jump at the chance of meeting Seth?” The man with the beard turned toward Luke who took a sip of his soda before answering, “We mentioned it but she told us that she was practically dead from NaNo, so…” he trailed off. “I’m sure that she’s having fun living it through us,” he said, with a warm smile.
“I want to meet Naj,” the man named Kyp said. He started twirling his finger and his glass started casually spinning in mid-air as he released it from his hand. “And I do wonder where Seth is?”

“That would be the pair of twins at the big round table over there,” Rook said, gesturing with a glass he had filled for himself. Jack sounded lovely about now.

Seth knew he was hearing his name. It was hard to concentrate around the general aura of good times beating against his skin, but he was certain he kept hearing it. The group of strangers had to be Mara and her friends, they just had to be. Without further waiting for a good lull in the conversation, Seth excused himself and walked over to the bar.

“We thought you were dead! So dead!” The woman named Mela said sadly but then Mara cut in with just as much emotion, “We were so distressed and I was ready to kill something,” she shook her hands angrily. “I mean, you are so sweet and gentle, I completely fell in love with you.” Then she seemed to think for a moment, “or lust.” She gave him a smile and a wink.
However, then the conversation slightly deteriorated as both women seemed to try to outdo each other with how sad this story was.
“Well, see our Author thought that you were dead,” Mela started.
“So then I got upset and I told my Author that I would kill anything that she wanted to make her happy,” Mara said nodding grimly.
“But she had already dissolved in tears and it took a long time for her to figure out that you were not dead,” Mela explained and Mara broke in, “But we still were not sure, so we are so happy to see you alive!” She gave him a look up and down and then added happily, “With your blue hair, isn’t it fabulous!” She grinned merrily.

Zig sat back, content to pull a smile and wave. That was always the best tactic when conversation went over his head. He’d ask Raev about it later.
Jon gave up and handed Rain the bottle.

Luke looked over at the table that the man had mentioned and saw everyone grouped around the table. One of them got up and Luke grinned.

Seth stood back a moment, watching what had to be Mara and Mela. Who else would engage Mara in such obvious one-up-manship? He smiled, taking in the exchange, then finally gave a polite cough.

The woman named Mela didn’t turn, her eyes still zooming all over Zig’s face as though memorizing it but Mara turned, wearing a good natured expression and smiled at him suggestively. “Hello, gorgeous. What can I do for you?” She asked. The next moment, Seth was practically knocked over as Kyp ran over to him and wrapped him in a big hug.
“Seth! It’s you!” He yelled happily. “It’s really you!” He said, happily and pulled away so that he could see him better.
“You look nearly exactly as I pictured you!” He said happily and then turned toward his wife. “Lover, its Seth!”
Mara smiled as Kyp released him. “Seth.” Her green eyes were shining with happiness and she was wearing a real smile on her face. “It’s so good to meet you at last.” She wrapped him in a hug and wove her magic around him, trying to let him know how grateful she had been through this past year that he had helped her when she needed it. She wove the words ‘peace ‘and ‘thankfulness’ into the spell and wove the words around him like a warm blanket as she closed her eyes and let herself relax against him. She knew that Seth would be surprised; he probably expected her to lash out since there last communication had not gone well but she was here now with him and did not want to rage at the man. She was still grateful at all that he had done for her and so greeted him as a friend, with as much gentleness and compassion as she could manage, instead of rage, which would only hurt them both.

Seth was surprised to say the least. Surprised to be bowled over, surprised Mara didn’t punch him for not greeting her sooner, surprised when his friend’s aura washed over him like a serpent’s. Well, no, not quite like a serpent’s. There was a distance between herself and her intent, but the spell was much like the natural greeting one serpent gave another. The same intent, for certain.
It was good, very good indeed, to be wrapped in so much well-wishing. Seth wished his friends could feel it the same way he could, but from the looks on their faces, they got the idea.
“Hello, Mara, Kyp. It is very good to finally meet you.”

Mara slid her hands down his arm until she was holding hand. “Come and meet everyone,” she said, giving it a gentle tug. “They will love to meet you.” Kyp put his arm around Seth and the pair of them led him over to the bar.
Mela was talking to her husband and laughing as he was bobbing his glass in the air like it was dancing. The man called Dante was watching with interest but Luke glanced up to see Mara and Seth coming over with Kyp and smiled, grabbing his glass and took a step back so that he wouldn’t overwhelm the poor fellow.
“Seth!” Mara crowed, “This is Mela. She’s an uptight bitch.”
Mela’s expression changed to one of scorn. “Oh thank you Mara for that thrilling introduction,” she growled. “Honestly, I’m the most beautiful bitch!” She said, as though insulted and then batted her eyes at Seth and smiled at him.
“I’m so glad that I get to finally meet you,” she said, extending her hand. “And I get to talk to you without getting worried of getting my nose broken!”

Seth quirked an eyebrow as he took her hand and brought it to his lips. “A common concern, I take it?”

“Oh no,” the woman answered brightly. “Normally she says that she’s going to kill me so something must have mellowed her out!” She smiled brightly as he kissed her hand. “Aren’t you just the sweetest?” She said, leaning forward to give him a peck on the cheek just to annoy Mara.
“So they tell me,” he said with a grin.
Mela laughed, as did the big man who Kyp broke in to introduce. “This is–” the man cut him off.
“Name’s Dante, I’ve heard so much about you from these fellows. Pleasure to meet you.” He extended his hand and his smile was warm. Behind his back, Kyp and Mara traded confused glances. They looked at Luke askance, who shrugged.
“Dante?” He shook his hand heartily, returning the big man’s enthusiasm. “I’m sorry to say, I can’t say the same. It’s a pleasure to meet you, all the same.”
The man grinned. “Ah, yes, I’m, uh, new.” He said, giving the man’s hand a hearty shake and then releasing it. Mara narrowed her eyes and gave the man a hard glance but said nothing. “And this,” Mara said. “Is Luke, our Master and a true gem.”

“Ah, Master Luke.”
Seth sunk into a deep bow, holding it for several seconds. His eyes were shining when he righted himself.
“I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful birthday gift, my friend. Truly, it is one of my greatest treasures.”

Luke was surprise that the man bowed to him, as his students only were required to do so but wove his magic around him and extended his hand, letting his thanks run over Seth’s body. He detected Mara’s magic that she already wove around him still lingering so he backed off slightly with his. He didn’t want the poor man’s emotions addled so he made sure that his magic just skimmed around Seth’s body, as light as butterfly’s wings.
He smiled at him and his voice was warm when he spoke. “Luke, please. And I am so glad that you enjoyed the gifts, my friend. I had no use for them so I’m so grateful that I could pass them on to those who could use them.”

“Most certainly, my friend. They are most certainly of use to me. Many thanks, always.” This man, too, kisses his aura like those accustomed to sharing such gifts, but surely, there were no serpents where they came from? Mara had said as much, has she not? But the way they greeted him reminded him of home, and he was glad of it.

Luke nodded his head. “Of course. Thank you for the kindness that you have shown us,” he said, with glances at Kyp and Mara.

Seth grinned. “Of course. The world is a better place when we share our gift is it not?”

“Indeed,” Kyp said and pattted Seth on the shoulder. “Seth, my daughter was indeed so happy when she heard that you got a unicorn though our Author had to explain Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey. We don’t have that game where we come from.” Luke said and then his expression clouded. “Actually, we don’t even celebrate birthdays where we come from, so hopefully that will change.” He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at the man.

Seth’s eyes widened. “Oh really? How very odd…”

Mara realized that she was being forgotten and decided to tell him how to address her, since that was one of the questions that he had in the letter that he wrote all of them to thank them for their birthday gifts. “Oh, and keep calling my ‘My Lady’, Seth,” Mara broke in, giving him a smile. “Makes me feel like goddamn royalty.” She blew him a kiss and walked over to the bar and to her drink.

Mela glanced at Mara in irritation before saying, “our Author is just terrible,” and sighed dramatically. “She says that she has to study what dates fit us so that she can give us the ‘correct’ birthdays. I mean,” she huffed, “what does that even mean?”

He casually ignored Mara, knowing she was still playing one-up with Mela. His eyes drifted ceilingward for a moment and he chuckled. “I’m sure I have no idea.”

“Seems like you have a better idea than we do, my friend,” Luke said, raising his glass with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. Dante broke in, “Yeah, normally I…” Mela shoved him so hard that even he tottered slightly even though he outweighed her by several inches and gave him a knowing look. “I mean!” the man interrupted, sounding slightly flustered and glanced around the room before exclaiming, “Oh, look! Bathrooms! I wonder if they are like at our world!” And went off to see them while Mela rolled her eyes.

.“I don’t believe I know that man…. Is he quite alright?”
Seth was beginning to feel in over his head. He wished Nica was here, but was seriously doubting she was going to show her face tonight. Not at a party like this

“Pay him no mind. He’s fine,” Luke said, behind his wife. “He’s not really himself tonight.”
Mara shot a look at Luke. “That’s an understatement,” she said, twirling her drink in her glass before turning her attention back on Seth. Why should he care about Dante when she was around? “So, Seth, is it true that you can really change into a snake?” Her eyes were wide and her voice was full of childish wonder.

Seth nodded and turned more fully to his companions.

“Ah, cobra, yes, though you should know you just swore at me. “Snake” is about as polite as asking me if the rumors about my enormous cock are true.” He gave her a grin and a wink, then his face settled into something softer. “I assume from your tone you did not mean to imply insult. Just a friendly bit a knowledge, as your host.”

“Gracious! I am so sorry!” She said, her cheeks reddening but she continued looking at Seth and bit her bottom lip. She leaned forward and ran a finger gently over his hand.
“I have no doubt that many rumors I hear are true.” Her voice was slightly breathless. “They always have a basis in fact, don’t they? And no,” she leaned forward until her lips brushed his ear and whispered, “I would never mean to insult you.” She pulled back and gave him a tentative smile, bushing a blonde curl behind her ear. It was as though she was testing him to see how far she could push.

Oh, I assure you, madam, those rumors are quite baseless.” He spoke with an air of lecturing, of disinterested statement of facts. “I am merely moderately endowed, and no more skilled than you might expect out of any adult serpent.” His detachment didn’t last long, however. He couldn’t resist. “Of course, be that as it may, I would wager that’s still a bit more skill than some can boast.” He gave her a sly wink and raised his hand to get Jon’s attention, mouthing “shots” when Jon caught his eye.
Mela smiled and looked surprised by his frankness. Her cheeks reddened and she lowered her eyes to her legs and smoothed her dress gently over the tops of her legs before looking back at him.
“I actually think that moderately endowed men are so much better than large men. They can still fit me wholly and completely,” she said and looked up. She puckered up her lips momentarily as though wanting to kiss him and then smiled again and gently reached out and ran her whole right hand over his. “So, your skills are not just fabricated? I’ve heard so much about you,” she paused and looked down and then back up, “It’s wonderful to think that all of what I’ve heard about you in bed is not a whole bunch of lies.”
Behind her, Luke stiffened and glanced over at them. His face was blank at the moment but his chest rose and fell with what looked like a sigh. Mela’s back was to her husband, her whole chair was turned towards him to give him her full attention so she did not see her husband’s expression of discontent.

Seth raised an eyebrow at the man’s flirting wife. Wouldn’t be the first time he’d been caught in a situation like this, but it was the first he’d done so recreationally.
“I do wonder, my dear, where you even heard such rumors? Mara and I never discussed my bedroom habits, much.”

Her delighted laughter comes out like tinkling little bells. “My Author.” Her eyes sparkled with lust. “She loves speculating about you and then I would speculate as well.” She looked over Seth’s head and frowned.
“Seth!” Dante appeared in front of Mela. His voice was full of excitement. “What would you recommend that has a kick, dear boy?” He said in a voice of excitement. “I don’t want to get totally fucked up, you understand, but I want to have a great time! What’s good?”
“Danny, do you mind?” Mela hissed angrily.
“Dante, love,” he corrected, giving her a glance.
“Whatever! Get outta my way!”

Seth chuckled, flicking his head to “Dante” when Jon came over. “What do you think, Jon? What should we start him on?”

Jon gave him a good eye up and down, but it was mostly for show. His liquors would get anyone as “fucked up” or not as he let them. But a good bartender was part show, and Rook had trained Jon in showmanship well.

“Mmm… I’m gonna say a Fire Mountain- that cinnamon whiskey we got in the Christmas card last week?” Suppliers were forever sending samples, especially seasonal stuff like the cinnamon brew. It was good, burned a bit, but it made a good impression in the mouth.

Seth brightened. “Yes! An excellent call. Shall I light it for you.”

Jon gave a small bow of his head before turning to grab the appropriate bottles. “Be my guest.”
Seth turned to Dante, his eyes twinkling. “You’ll get a kick out of this, for sure. 151, whiskey, Irish cream to help it go down- kind of like a car bomb, if you’ve ever had one?”
“No!” He slapped the bar enthusiastically. “I’ve never had a car bomb, a whisky bomb, or whatever bomb! I’d love one!”
He turned toward the bar. “Thank you, Jon! My good fellow! Make it for me, light it up, do whatever you gotta do and I’ll drink it!” Dante wiggled with excitement.
A moment later, he glanced over to his left side from where Mela’s angry voice was still coming out. Dante grinned and ruffled her hair which made her shout in rage.
From behind her, Mara laughed and pointed it out to Kyp, looking like she was enjoying herself immensely.
When Dante went over behind Seth, Mara was puffed up in rage and glared daggers at the man. She quickly ran her hands over her hair. Her jewels still hadn’t budged.
So, we were talking about how talented you are,” she said, giving Dante a glance, clearly wanting to get the conversation back on track to her. She leaned forward, pushing her boobs together and looked him right in the eyes. “Tell me Seth, do you find me attractive?” She raised her eyebrows and looked at him hopefully.
Seth was rescued from having to come up with a diplomatic answer by three shotglasses being set in front of him. He didn’t have to give Jon a grateful look, the bartender already knew.
“There ya go- light ‘em up, and let me know if you need more.”
Seth knew Jon meant more rescuing, and again, he was extremely grateful to know Jon would be keeping an eye on him. Where was Nica when he needed her?
Before the interruption could go unused, however, Seth produced a small flame on the tip of each finger. “One for you, and one for you…” He touched each glass, the high proof rum igniting instantly. He raised his own, unlit glass and smile. “And one for me.” The tip of his tongue flickered with flame, and he licked the rim of his glass, flames filling his mouth before he tossed the shot back.

“Delicious,” he said with a toss of his head.

“Ooo!” Mela squealed when fire seemed to come out of his fingertips. She was amazed. Even her husband with all of his control of magic could not do anything like that! She watched as he carefully lit the glasses and she then she realized that three glasses were on the counter.
Her breathing got faster as she looked at the glass and could imagine the alcohol making her way through her system…promising bliss and good times, promising that it would truly only be one this time, wrapping her up in it’s delicious spell.
Dante laughed and tossed his drink back. “By all the stars in the night sky, that’s fucking awesome!” He slammed his shot glass down. Mela barely heard him.
She reached slowly for the glass but before she could get to it, another hand quickly came over, snatched the shot glass up and downed it.
Mela looked up in shock and Mela shook a few strands of her long red hair off her cheeks. “Shit. That is good. Jon, can I have another please?” She grinned wickedly at Mela and put a hand on her hip.
“What’s up, alcoholic?” She said, looking extremely pleased with herself.
“That was mine, Mara!”
Mara grinned wickedly. “Mine now.”
Luke walked over and stood next to his wife. He was staring at Seth, his expression unreadable. His arms were crossed. “Do you think that we could talk for a minute?” He paused and then added, “Somewhere a little more private, perhaps?”

Seth nodded and quickly moved to guide Luke away from the bar. When his hand on the other man’s arm didn’t earn him any violence, Seth ushered them towards the outside. He hadn’t felt any anger off the man, but Seth had been flirting with his wife.
“Of course, my friend. A bit of air would be nice- take in the porch with me?”

Jon lined up more glasses, a quiet smile on his face. He knew the blonde wasn’t drinking, but he figured the quandary of three shots would stir up some sort of smoke screen for his serpent friend. Usually, Seth had Nica to hide behind. He wasn’t sure where the hawk was tonight- probably in no mood to put up with such meta-bullshit- but he figured Seth could use a hand. When he left the bar with the blonde’s husband, Jon sent a little flag of energy with Seth. Doubtless, the serpent could handle himself, and the husband didn’t seem unfriendly, but you never knew, and it didn’t hurt to play it safe.

“The porch would be fine,” Luke said, sounding slightly irritated.
“Luke, really,” Mela tried to grab onto her husband’s arm but he merely moved it away from her and her expression changed to one of slight concern. “It was obvious that she was going to try and placate him.
“We were just having fun, darling! See how much fun Seth and everyone else is having!” She enthused.
Luke sighed quietly and shook his head and turned toward his wife. “Oh, Mela. What am I going to do with you?” He asked and a small smile came over his face. “My sexy minx.” His expression turned soft as he looked at her and she smiled at him and bit her lip looking at him.
Luke turned his gaze back toward Seth. “Lead the way and let’s take in the night air.” Mara moved to follow them but Luke caught her eye and shook his head and she stopped.


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When: Every Monday in November!

Who: Any character who needs to unwind, including authors! This is your chance to do some quirky, no pressure writing to unwind, get over a road block, get the juices flowing or just play around!

Who, part 2*: As host, I’ll be bringing any and all characters to the bar that I can get a hold of. Most active right now are those from Rain’s story, or any of the Asylum Dancers, but if you know of someone you’d like to chat with, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can find them running around in here somewhere…

How: Always a good question. The short answer is: any way you want! Write your own blog post and ping back to this one, contact me with an idea and we can write a scene together, hire a sky writer and spell it out in the clouds – thought that one might be harder to see at night. 😛

Why: Why? Because we love you! In all seriousness, though, this is an idea that Alli and I have been kicking around for a while. It’s great fun, it stretches the brain, and getting your characters outside of their comfort zones (read: home stories) is a great way to get to know them. I wanted to do this during NaNo because I think it’ll be a really good way to overcome some of the speedbumps we all hit along the way. And, ya know, Rook is impatient. Once he heard we wanted to a drunken character get-together, well, he hasn’t shut up since.

*Naturally, if you’d like to work with one of my characters, I ask that you do so through me rather than taking them on and writing them yourselves. They’re all fairly young characters, they’re not allowed to cross the street by themselves yet. 😛


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Character-oke! (part 2 of ???)

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