Sketches: Lillian

It’s been a while since we’v heard from them, but the other day I stumbled across a great jumping point for Lillian’s eyes, so I thought I’d give her a go.


Lillian, before

When she first comes to Asylum

Lillian, after

As she gets to know Leem

The really creepy/cool part? I didn’t trace the one to make the other, but the features still line up when you hold one in front of the other. I’ll admit, it freaked me out, but I thought it was pretty neat too, cause it made me feel like I was getting it “right”.




2 thoughts on “Sketches: Lillian

  1. Lillian must have come to you very strongly for her features to line up. (And love her name, btw. 🙂 )

    Her cheek bones are stunning and her eyes are very piercing. What color are they? Blue? Purple?

    I love her smirk on the second picture. It’s almost like she’s saying, “You really want to mess with me?” :-p


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