NaNo 2014: Day 9

Heh. Yesterday was a good day for writing, as you can tell by me not fooling around online long enough to post this. 2k, and some really lovely scenes, like this one…

“Alright then, spill it.”
Jon had taken Rook outside, but left the French doors open so Rain would know where to find them when she was ready. He didn’t know how much time they had, so he pounced on Rook the moment they were outside. Thankfully, Rook seemed inclined to cooperate for once.
“I went back to Glasgow, and she followed me, like we’d hoped. Chased me down the Clyde, like a damned fool, and I drown her in the four linn. Not as strong as when I buried her beneath the cairn, but it’ll do, for now.”
The cairn. Jon always boggled at how casually Rook referenced major land marks- but then again, it hadn’t been so major at the time he’d put it there. Still, it was hard to wrap his head around.
“So she’s dead?”
Rook nodded. “For the time being. Gives us at least three days to figure out what to do about everything.”
Jon nodded in return, running a hand over his head as he stared out over the sleepy neighborhood. The early morning light hadn’t touched the shadows on some of the lower houses, leaving the little community split neatly in two, dark and light. It all seemed to be balanced on the edge of a precipice, holding its breath.
“You think she’ll finally do it?”
It wasn’t like Jon to be doubtful, or hopeful, just realistic. But something about the vista below him made him feel like the odds were truly equal for once, and he was just enough of a romantic to believe that Good would always win, if given a fair chance.


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