Weekly Writing Goals: Nov, week 1

D’oh! I’ve been so bad about remembering my weekly writing goals lately. I’m not sure where I’m loosing all the time to- end of the year madness, maybe?

This week has been both really good and really bad. Things are going well on the NaNo Relief front- but I’ve hardly done enough NaNo to merit any relief. 😛 I’ve only managed to write 4 of the 9 days we’ve had so far, but I’ve gotten at least 2 k in on those days, so at least I’m on par for how many days I’ve written. Now I just need to play some major catch up. If it’s anything like last year, I’ll have Thanksgiving break alone to myself and bang out 12k no problem, so that just leaves me with … 30k between now and then. 😛


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