NaNoWriMo, 2014: Day 6

FINALLY! Some inspiration. I have NO IDEA where this scene fits in, but at least I’m writing again.

NaNo, day 6

She was hurrying she was hurrying she was hurrying- she was in PAIN! Rain sat back on the bed with a hard thump, hand flying to her forehead. The socks she’d been pulling out of her drawer fell to the ground, forgotten.

What in the… Rain rubbed her forehead, squinting to see around the throb. What had she hit? She blinked, and the smiling face of a patina Cernuous came into focus.


How gloriously ridiculous. She’d hit her head on her altar.

When Starling had suggested she build a focus, a place to ground herself in the physical elements, she’d rearranged her room at the Underground, pulling her chest of drawers to the wall opposite the foot of her bed. For whatever reason, she liked falling asleep, knowing the smiling eyes of the Goddess and God were watching her.

But it did have its pitfalls. She still wasn’t used to the new arrangement, and every time she got distracted, she moved through the space as if it were the same as before.

She got lost in her thoughts a good deal, these days.

Aiya! She was late! She snatched up the forgotten socks, moving carefully when she bent over but pausing as she came level with the decorated surface. The animals clustered around the God’s feet seemed so peaceful, so content… She gave herself a moment to drink it all in, to touch the calm serenity of the earth, the soothing coolness of the winds, the cheery warmth of fire, the gentle whisper of water. All of this came together to form the eternal balance of spirit, made flesh by the Goddess and God. If they could take time from their cosmic dance to remind her to smile, she could take him to share that smile with them.

The pain from her head ebbed, and her smile spread. There were some real perks to this magic business.

But there was no advantage to keeping Starling waiting. Hopefully, being pre-centered would help make up for it, at least affording them a little extra time. Unlikely that Star would be so gracious, but nothing could shake Rain’s foundations now.

…she really had to learn to stop tempting Fate.



Rain, wtf? Where does this scene even come in?!!!


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, 2014: Day 6

  1. *laughs* But you are writing! Find out where it fits in later. 😉

    It is a beautiful scene, I must say. I guess her room at the Underground is now an ode to the God and Goddess? I think that it works, showing the powers of her mind, her magic and the magic of the Underground. It can easily be woven into the story.

    Geez, when this girl gets lost in her thoughts, she *really* gets lost in her thoughts! :-p

    Liked by 1 person

    • She -really- does.

      It’s just a small personal altar, patterned unashamedly after my own at home, but it’s a magical focus more than it’s religious. The elements, and the Lord and Lady… They have a part to play later, which is part of why I wonder what the hell this scene is doing being written now. 😛


  2. Ah! Yes, I love it when scenes come in early. The Prince in my story confessed his love about five pages into the story. I tried to rewrite it and he did it again about ten pages later.

    The Lord and Lady don’t want to wait! They want to be a part of this wonderous creation now! (And who can blame them? 😉 )


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