Sketches: Alyssa

Alyssa is a fairly new character, so I’m not completely married to her looks yet. I know she’s a Northerner – as in, Alaska north – so I’m thinking some Russian, some Inuit, inspirations like that. However, I didn’t do as much research into her face as I should have – I actually kinda didn’t need to. She’d been floating around, bugging me a for a few days, and I just couldn’t stop seeing her face. I didn’t get it right, but she’s at least satisfied that I tried.


Fun things about Alyssa:

  • She’s a snow bunting! Yes, a ridiculous thing to know about a character, and a ridiculously specific species of bird, but I love it anyways so shut up 😛
  • Alyssa has actually made an appearance in Asylum already, though we weren’t positive it was her. It is (and I’m sorry Lyssa)
  • She’s easily the shortest character I have, again, making it impossible for me to imagine. I’m really stuck in this whole 6’2″ frame of reference thing. Everyone is short to me (except Kain …and Jack) so someone that short – I just cannot relate.
  • Alyssa came into being around the same time Hannah did, so initially I made mistakes and blended some of their characteristics together. Hannah has sense corrected me, and rescued Alyssa from the current predicament she’s in now (Gods, predicament sounds so mild for what I know she’s going through. Aiya…)

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