Character-oke! Zig and Rain

Zig was actually kinda surprised to Rain already leaning up against the bar. Sure, she did keep a room upstairs, but the bar crowd wasn’t really her scene. Jon gave Zig a knowing smile when he caught his eye, and pulled two more Woodchucks for the pair of them.
“Hey kiddo! How’s it goin’?”

Rain giggled and patted the stool next to her, which Zig immediately took. She held out her cider for a cheers, wrinkling her nose at the clink.
“Hey yourself, Ziggo. Things are good. It’s November, the words are flowing, the cider’s flowing- if is good!”

Zig had to laugh at her version of flashing him a killer smile. It was a good one, true, but she would always been little Rainy Day to him. Still, it was nice to see her relaxed and having fun.
“How many of those have you put away already?” he asked with a sideways grin.

Her mouth pulled into a little o of consideration. “Umm… this makes three?” She leaned back over the bar to look to Jon for confirmation. The big man simply nodded, content to play the strong and silent type tonight. He was never comfortable being a Main, and balked at Raev’s every attempt to put him in the spotlight. He gave the “camera” a meaningful glance and the author grinned and turned back to Zig.

Zig wondered who was in control of Rain’s drinking. Was Jon trying to help her relax, was Rain trying to kill time? Who knew? They could count on Jon not to let anyone get too carried away, but Zig suspected Rain would take the stage with at least one “power ballad” tonight.
He leaned back against the bar as she had, taking in the scene. Somehow, there seemed to be about twice as many small round tables scattered around the room, but the space didn’t seem any fuller. Leave it to Rook to toss the rules of time and space out the window for this Meta event.
People had already started to filter in in ones and two and fews, staking out tables and checking out the dart boards and pool table, flipping through the song lists for the karaoke machine. Some Zig recognized and some he didn’t. He’d hang out with Rain a minute more, to make sure she was a happy buzz and not a nervous buzz, then he’d make some rounds. Zig had truly never met a stranger, and loved making new friends. And more importantly, with the bar “closed” to many of its regulars, Zig could hang and out relax without dodging any of his old hook ups.
It was gonna be a good night.



You’re Invited!

What: Character-oke nights with Rook and Raevenly

Where: Rook’s bar (and the blogosphere at large)

When: Every Monday in November!

Who: Any character who needs to unwind, including authors! This is your chance to do some quirky, no pressure writing to unwind, get over a road block, get the juices flowing or just play around!

Who, part 2*: As host, I’ll be bringing any and all characters to the bar that I can get a hold of. Most active right now are those from Rain’s story, or any of the Asylum Dancers, but if you know of someone you’d like to chat with, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can find them running around in here somewhere…

*Naturally, if you’d like to work with one of my characters, I ask that you do so through me rather than taking them on and writing them yourselves. They’re all fairly young characters, they’re not allowed to cross the street by themselves yet. 😛


2 thoughts on “Character-oke! Zig and Rain

  1. Am I so silly that I still get this little smile on my face when I see Zig and Rain’s names together?

    Don’t worry…that ship has definitely sunk…but it’s still so sweet to me. Zig is so good to her!

    (SO. EXCITED.) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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