Tumblr Highlights: October

October! You were so short, but somehow also sooooo long! …ignoring the chorus of giggles that brought up (not to mention Rain’s blush), let’s proceed to my Tumblr highlights, shall we?

Once again, the blog was pretty well eaten up by autumn/halloween. Can’t help it, I ADORE the colder seasons. It’s gonna be holiday central til spring. 😛 Also, you may or may not have noticed a HUGE increase in posting frequency. This shall also continue until at least spring, as I work my way through my queue of holiday posts.

The Dances of Asylum tag saw a lot of action this month, including an increase in male dancers! Hooray! And the return of vertical tango, because I simply adore it so very, very much.

This month was sadly lacking in the LENAANDJONFOREVA tag, but never fear! I shall find more cuddly snow leopard love!

Zig has a new goal for his puppies, …and for his wife. Yeah, good luck with that buddy. (Not to foreshadow, but…)

P.s. This isn’t helping matters with the whole eating/drinking paint thing. However, off all his stupid plans, this one should turn out alright.

This Inktober sketch reeeeally reminded me of Rook back in the Black Legion days, and this string of four images were perfect for another blast from the past, which I’ve not revealed much of on this blog, but they’re pretty anyways.

This post is not to be missed. Mixed media for the win.

Also, another denizen has taken interest in the tumblr. Say hello to the For Cera tag! If it’s furry and cuddly, it’s probably marked with this tag. 😛

I cannot say enough good things about The Book of Life movie, fortunately, this blogger said it so much better than I ever could.

And finally,


Check out this post. and this tag all this month!




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