Writing Goals: October, week 4

Man, what a week! In less than a month, I have managed to kill two computers, plaid screen of death a third, scare my phone into shutting off randomly for a few hours and bang out 10k+ worth of Masque.

What, you didn’t think it would be all bad, did you? 😛

This week has been a blast, even if it has been quite an adventure trying to write. I’ve been working a lot at the local library, and off of the iPhone (…which may or may not be why it decided to shut down. Going on strike much?). I still have more Masque to go, but this has been the first newly generated content I’ve done in MONTHS, so it’s been a nice warm up for NaNo.

That’s right, everyone. NaNo is upon us.

I’ve been re-reading Rain’s story, making a few edits here and there, but it’s mostly been mopping up rather than re-writing. I’m trying to get back into the headspace, and surprisingly enough, October and Rain have been fairly quiet at the Masque, so that’s been absolutely no help at all.


But I had been having the odd flash or two of inspiration for scenes, so hopefully the flood gates will open in a few days and I’ll have another Rain novel in a month or so. 🙂


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