Original Sketch for Naj/Seth

This is the very first sketch I ever did of any of the Asylum/Havenverse  characters. Hell, I think I drew this before Haven was even a thing. I know for a fact it was before Seth was actually a thing. Yes, this is so old I had no idea I was working with more than one character at the time. That old. Bask in the glory of Asylum’s dinosaurs.


Also, Seth’s number 1 fan, if this looks familiar to you, it should. No, you’re not mad- at least not any madder than either of us Midnight’s Madgirls have ever been. 😛


One thought on “Original Sketch for Naj/Seth

  1. *Falls over. Dies*

    And thank you for letting me know I’m not going mad. :-p (And Number 1? *Squee!*)

    I like this dinosaur sketch. 🙂 I had no idea that you have been drawing for so long.

    Midnight Fan Girls Unite! Maybe we’ll have to have another party in Jeshickah’s library, eh? :-p

    Seth and Naj, I love you. And I am quite in awe of your lady Author. 🙂

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