National Novel Writing Month – NaNo Coach: What’s In Your NaNo Emergency Kit?

We’re almost there people – NaNoWriMo is upon us. In preparation, I’m putting together my Emergency kit:

National Novel Writing Month – NaNo Coach: What’s In Your NaNo Emergency Kit?.

Coffee: Green Mountain Hazelnut for the Keurig, all I can drink Panera coffee when I’m writing at work. Back up teas: Black Orange Spice, Vanilla Chai and Citrus Green.

Chocolate: Hershey’s minis that I’ve technically got to hand out on Halloween, but the left overs are ALL MINE!!!!

A Cheerleader: Who wants to be cheerleader buddies? 🙂 I’m thinking Twitter will be my primary go-to for such things, but I’ve been kicking around opening up my IM handle as well. And, of course, there’s always adding each other as official NaNo buddies. 🙂

And speaking of Twitter…

A Twitter handle and a working knowledge of hashtags: Clicky click the lovely links in the sidebar if you like live-time writing Tweets 😀 Also, I’m putting together some NaNo inspiration/motivation posts for the Tumblr, if that’s more your think.

My emergency kit also includes duct tape for my inner editor, more duct tape for the bevy of new characters that have been popping up (It’s not your turn yet, October Gold! Go play with Sam), my author prizes from last year as good luck charms/motivators, and a whole slew of distraction free writing tactics, like writeordie, dark room, and written? kitten!


One thought on “National Novel Writing Month – NaNo Coach: What’s In Your NaNo Emergency Kit?

  1. Ohh, thanks for showing us all what’s in your NaNo kit! Vanilla Chai tea sounds so yummy and of course, you have to have chocolate and cheerleaders!

    I also love your emergency supply of duct tape. Are you going to tape your characters to a wall if they annoy you or just tape there mouth’s shut? Maybe both? :-p

    (And thanks for introducing me to Written? Kitten! I love it!)


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