Weekly Writing Goals: October, Week 2

…this should have gone up yesterday. Clearly, I don’t do well after 4 pm anymore…

Late again this week, but the lack of personal computer has been quite a hindrance.

HOWEVER *drumroll*

That is no longer a problem, as of about Noonish today, thanks to a VERY generous reader (and dare I say, friend? We’re totally friends, right? I KNOW WHERE YOUR NEAREST UPS STORE IS, THIS IS THE START OF A BEAUTIFUL STALKING FRIENDSHIP.)

*coughs* 6 p.m. Is my new 3 a.m. Forgive me. (Or don’t :P)


I am <em>beyond</em> inspired by this incredibly generous gesture, and plan to show my thanks by writing like a madwoman. Especially since this was a NaNo gift, so NaNo I will deliver!

Agent A (cause it was either MIB or Spaced Invaders, and I’m not sure how many people would get a reference to Captain Bipto (and because #SecretCodeIsFun)) thank you. Seriously, thank you. Roswell is more than just a word processor, it’s giving me my motivation back. I know you know first hand how mad my thumb typing skills can be, but even <strong>I</strong> balked at the idea of 50,000 words on my phone. :/

Seriously, thank you. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: October, Week 2

  1. Yay! How awesome! I am so, so happy that your friend helped you out and that you have a new-(ish?) computer to work on! Typing crazily sounds like a good idea. :-p

    And thank you to the friend that helped her out! That was very sweet of you! You saved her from having to either handwrite 50,000 words or type them on a phone. And no one wants that! :-p

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