Weekly Writing Goals: October, week 1

Well, it’s been a productive week, despite the computer death. Asylum got it’s first beta sessions, which is AMAZING, and I’m so thrilled to see it progressing! But, I’m a little down, as well, from the whole computer thing. It’s stupid, but I feel so ….defeated, not having the tools of my trade. Yes, I could write by hand, I can borrow Cait’s computer, I can go to the library- but there are obstacles now, between me and what I feel is my right (heh, write- get it?) It’ just… it’s demoralizing somehow.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: October, week 1

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve had a netbook since my youngest was born. Two years later, right after the warranty expired of course, it crashed to the point I couldn’t fix it. My aunt and grandfather worked together to purchase me a new laptop, which was bigger, better, faster, newer… And less than three months later, the hard drive gave out completely (an easy fix) and the motherboard fried (a not-so-easy fix)… I’m back to using my netbook, which my husband managed to get working somewhat, but I can’t use half my programs anymore. The netbook says they aren’t compatible. And it’s not powerful enough to use others. Back to square one then, which is basically hand-writing at home and typing what I write at work, which is what I started doing when the netbook gave out. It’s tough – an obstacle, as you said – and not a pleasant one. It makes me feel chained.

    All will be right in the end though. Hold strong. The future holds something greater. Good luck!


  2. I’m so sorry that your computer is dying a very slow death. 😦 Even if it’s a power cord issue, it sounds like it might be tough to fix.

    It’s funny how we get attached to inanimate objects, isn’t it? Even using my sister or boyfriends computer makes me feel like, “This isn’t my computer and IT IS WRONG. My icons are not on it. It’s a FOREIGN OBJECT.” Why is that?

    I hope that you can get a new one or you make friends with a pen and paper. I know that it’s not as good as a computer, so I know that it will be tough, but maybe the paper will wave at you and the pen will move swiftly across the page and you’ll wonder why you ever stopped writing by hand. I love writing by hand, even though hardly any one does anymore.

    In the meantime, I’ll think happy computer thoughts for you!


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