Tumblr Highlights: August

My Tumblr has been eaten by Autumn. 😛 If you’re not into the whole Autumn/Winter thing, you might wanna check out on my Tumblr for a while. I pretty well adore fallen leaves and pumpkins and snowscapes and lights and all the lovely scenes associated with the colder half of the year. So yeah. There’s that.

Buuut, I did find this lovely illustration that reminds me ever so much of Rook.

Aaand this little snake that I swear looks like it should taste of chocobanana.

This post is really handy for anyone who writes be-pierced characters like Zig (who I know has at least an industrial and snake bites).

And this Bowie is rather seasonal, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Speaking of seasonal

Dances of Asylum has a few new additions this month, as well as Asylum’s second skin and character look alikes.

But yeah, it’s mostly autumn. 😛


Oh! And this quote from my favorite author!


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