Weekly Writing Goals: September, week 4

A little late this week,  but I’ve spent the better part of this week helping my mother move across two state lines, so I feel pretty justified in my lateness 😛 I suppose I could have queued up a post, but I really hate queuing the writing goals. Who knows what genius might strike in that day or two of lag?

In total, I have spent nearly 24 hours in a car this week. That’s A LOT of time to think about writing. I’ve gathered lots of lovely tidbits about this or that random thing I’ve turned my mind to, and tucked away lots of lovely name ideas as I’ve whizzed down the highway. But no “actual writing” has been achieved, as both hands are needed for driving. 😛

However, I am thrilled to announce that the first chapters of Asylum will very likely be out to betas by the time my next weekly writing goals post comes around. I can’t believe it’s finally here, my baby is ready to venture out into the world. So exciting, so exciting I cannot say!


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