A ramble

Today I learned the hard way that I CANNOT write in public without headphones. Ok, so I already knew this from the last time I tried to write without headphones and wound up moving across the cafe to keep from strangling a father indoctrinating his teenage daughter against “Islums”, but it is just as true today.

I’ve listened to a bunch of old men talk about how banging whores is good for your golf game and why you shouldn’t use anything bigger than a branch to beat children with, and pre-nurse girlies being surprised that sexual activity can lead to UTI’s and wondering why we won’t be serving baguettes for much longer.

None of this had lead to good writing.

I’ve heard that people watching is supposed to be good for writer’s block, but so help me, I’d rather never write again than tell the stories inspired by these people.

On the plus side, Happy Equinox everyone. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “A ramble

  1. Oh.. wow. Just wow.
    I love the noise I hear in the coffee shops I find my way to. Maybe it’s just the combination of being near Colleges and Universities, and being in Portland, Oregon — but most of the conversations I overhear are teens and young college-kids planning to save the world, hipsters talking about…whatever hipsters are taking about in that moment, middle-aged folks chatting about their latest yoga classes, kids screaming, geeky-conversations, and the like. Or maybe I’m just so used to tuning out all the noise (yay large family?) that I don’t really HEAR the conversations around me.


      • 2nd oldest — but due to family-system-dynamic-stuffs (and, you know, personality) I took on some certain things that made me able to block out lots of stuff. Drummers, garage-bands, screaming-siblings, dogs, yelling, fighting, using the downstairs as an indoor track (I swear…herd. of. elephants.)… but me, and my little ancient old computer in my room — made all of that fall away πŸ™‚


  2. Yikes! Isn’t it amazing the kind of conversations that people hear when they are out in public? I frequently wonder why people think that it is acceptable to talk about certain topics in public. I am not surprised that you had trouble writing today with the conversations going on today. I would have thrown up all over myself!

    I’ve also heard that people watching is good for recovering from writers block but that doesn’t mean that “people talking” is good for dealing with writers block! πŸ™‚ Maybe you can try moving to a different spot so that you can’t hear them with your headphones on?

    And Happy Equinox to you too! (And Seth! Kisses!)


    • My god, I wish I could. My KINGDOM for the power to tune people out.

      I’m actually seriously debating making a pouch for my keyring with emergency headphones in it, but knowing my luck, I’d never remember to put them back. :/


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