Occasionally, poetry happens.

For me, it’s usually not very good, and almost always about one of two people, and I don’t give a damn about the thing. It’s almost like sneezing, an involuntary expulsion of sudden feeling.

It also usually leaves me writing rather poetically for a time until the effects wear off. That is about the only part of the whole affair I care about.

But I like my little poems, for all that I’m not interested in critique or crafting. They happen, they’re done, I read over them once and smile, then move on.

The only reason I bother to post this one is the silly dream I can’t let go of, that you might see it and smile.

I miss stealing your shoes. 🙂

I thought I saw your toes

Out of the corner of my eye, under the promotional banner that blocked the afternoon sun from my eyes
That brief moment of panic, when I thought I saw your feet
In well-worn flipflops despite the autumn chill

Nevermind, that you were miles away
Nevermind, that the thought shouldn’t thrill me with fear so absolute it became joy

I thought I saw your toes
And the thought made me smile
And made me write.


4 thoughts on “Gigglepanic

    • Right now, I’m just enjoying the feeling for what it is. 🙂

      That’s sort of what I meant by my little disclaimer- I’ve never been interested in crafting my poetry- I can do it and I’m damned good at it, but I hate how hollow it all feels when I’m done squeezing the spontaneity out of it.


      • Yeah, the spontaneity is what helps craft poetry, isn’t it?

        You should see your poetry as little flowers or sparkling stars on a page. I even wrote one of my poems and put a huge swirling galaxy in the background to give it some more beauty. Now, instead of feeling empty when I look at the poem, I can really see it’s beauty.

        You crafted it and gave birth to it. You breathed your words, your blood, your essence itself on the page. Isn’t that what poetry is, after all? A little piece of ourselves?

        Hmm…maybe I should go write a poem. Thanks for the inspiration!

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