Story snippets: Cera and Zig

Some thoughts just aren’t complete enough, or large enough, to merit a full story, or even an outtake. Too many of these ideas just get tossed out verbal to the girlfriend and forgotten, so I’ve decided to try and write them down when they come to me, and share with you guys. They’re fun, and worth writing, and hopefully worth reading.

Cera on “Why we wear old school wraps”

Why would you wear tight, expensive pants that don’t always fit right and wear out quickly when wraps are more comfortable, readily supplied by aunts who are supremely happy to see you wear them, and colorful. We each had a nice pair of jeans- much shopped for and carefully chosen to fit exactly right- that we wore into town, or when we wanted to look good for someone.

Of course, this ALWAYS lead to merciless teasing from all the cousins. Who ya showin’ your BUTT for, huh? Who ya think wants to look at them skinny legs? So and So’s got a boooooyfriend or giiirlfirned or deeeeerfriend or whatever was relevant.

No, jeans were way too expensive to waste our allowance on. More likely, birthday money and such was saved for cute shoes, or wasted on band t-shirts or tank-tops. Hot topic was a much beloved one by the teen cousins – especially when we figured out we could flash fang or forked tongue and practically walk out with anything we wanted.

Uncle Julius put an end to that one pretty quickly. Lots of apologizes, returning of jewelry that was “mistakenly” not rung up, that sort of thing. Didn’t stop us from going, by Gods help you if he caught any trace of serpent in your aura when we all got back to the van.

Zig on “Jalapeno maple syrup”

Not sure who gave them to him, but Zig got his hands on several jars of home canned goodies once, including candied jalapenos and some maple syrup. Zig has a deep, undying passion for breakfast, and is alarming creative in the kitchen. He’s famous for “breakfast stacks”, which can include everything and anything. Some staples are hashbrowns with eggs on top, piled up with whatever. One such stack was done with candied jalapenos in the egg-o-sphere, and for whatever ungodly reason, topped with a syrupy pancake (ah- that’s the reason- Delphi couldn’t finish it. Anyways). Well, Zig kinda fell in love with it. To the point that he took a small jar and filled it with syrup and jalapeno and a cinnamon stick- there is no finer pancake topping in his bizarre opinion.


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