Weekly Writing Goals: Sept, week 1

Holy Crap, it’s September.

I realize it’s been September like a whole week at this point, but still, holy crap it’s September.

I’m freaking out about this, because that means I have one month left to make it through my first edits of Rain’s story. Ya know, by my completely made up and self-imposed timeline.

The reason I want to have it done by the end of September is so that I can put Rain away until NaNo. I’m still on the fence about doing Rain Book 2 or Zig’s backstory, BloodWhore, and probably will be right up until I sit down to write and see what comes out.

Who knows, maybe my crazy ass will do a double NaNo.

Yeeeeeah no.

Anyways, writing this week has been spotty. I’m kinda burnt out on generating, I want to just sit and dig in and edit, but I can only edit so much before I need to come up for air. And it feels rude to ignore my writing partner ๐Ÿ˜› I managed to make it through NaNo last year without keeping her waiting (too much), so surely I can get through the edits the same, right?

Further updates on that insanity as it comes.

I think finishing Rain 1’s edits in three more weeks is pretty doable, though. I’ll have to buckle down a bit, but it’s doable. I only have … 30 more pages to do? Roughly?

This, of course, it not a deadline I’m imposing on my WONDERFUL betas. You guys are welcome to take as much time as you like. But I want to stop actively writing on Rain Book 1 by October 1st. It’s time to give that story a bit of a rest.

I’m sure everyone else misses me anyways. ๐Ÿ˜›


6 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: Sept, week 1

  1. It’s amazing how much giving a story a rest helps it. For practical reasons, I’m sure, but on an emotional level sometimes I need to put a project on the back burner to remember why I enjoy it in the first place.

    How many Rain books are you planning on writing? Or don’t you know yet?


    • The original idea is three, but I don’t know if it will take that many. I’ll just have to see as I write them.

      I have a VERY loose idea about what happens in Books 2 and 3, but the action might move quickly enough for them to be a single volume.


      • Ahh gotcha. Well even though there’s so much focus on trilogies right now, I actually kind of like the idea of the ‘duology.’ I wish there were more of them out there.

        Props to you for taking things as they happen! It’s so hard for me when I need to make drastic changes like that. “but but but…. I had an outline… it was so pretty…”


      • Ha! I don’t think I could write an outline if my life depended on it!

        A lot of the times, I describe myself as more of a reporter than a writer. There’s not a lot of “active” to what I do, it mostly just recording what the character tells me.

        The only reason I have any kind of heads up with Rain is that this is a pre-quel story to present day Asylum’s timeline. I know more or less what needs to happen to get Rain to where she is “today”. Te specifics of her journey will become clear as I write them.


      • I’ve always thought so ๐Ÿ˜›

        With any luck, I’ll get to work on Zig’s backstory soon, too. I think he’s about ready to tell it, much as I hate to ask him to. Boy has had a rough life


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