Story Soundtracks

I’ve been writing pretty seriously for about a year now, and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Certain albums and certain stories go together. Whenever I start a new story, whatever I’ve been listening to will always put me back in that place if I walk away from my writing for a moment. Often, the characters bring their favorite music with them- Cera is a fan of Sheryl Crow, for example- and sometimes I find the stories within the music when I’ve been otherwise stuck (Kain and Kaiya have made it so that I cannot listen to Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons without becoming completely heart broken).

Not every story has it’s soundtrack, but I thought I’d make a list here, in case I ever need it again.

The Asylum: So, so varied. Too many characters for just one album, I think. But Oingo Boingo will always make me think of Kain, who also tags along on Depeche Mode with Seth. And the ending song from Mirror Mirror (I Believe, I think) will always make me think of Naj.

Summer Spiders: Zig and David Bowie are married in my head forever.

Haven: …not a lot makes me wanna write Rain, actually. Who is surprised there?

Shadows: The Cure. The Cure will always make me think of Jack.

Kain and Kaiya: Nightvisions. Strangely enough, Imagine Dragons also makes me think of avians, for whatever reason.

Cera’s story: Cheryl Crow and Bree Sharp, so far.


3 thoughts on “Story Soundtracks

  1. I’ve been slowly putting together a playlist for each of the main characters in Disparate Threads — so that when I get to the new material section (soon…so soon) I’ll have music to help me get into each of their mindsets…. hoping it will help!
    Hmm.. random thought that might be fun… putting together a playlist for someone else’s story. I now see myself spending far too much time this weekend in procrastination-by-putting-together-Rain-Playlist….

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