It’s like I’m pregnant- with ideas

I just ate a bowl of potato salad mixed with tuna.

It really wasn’t that bad. The tuna was a pre-mixed can (lemon pepper) and was too dry. The potato salad was supposed to be a for a work meet, but I forgot to take it with, so I’ve been eating potato salad for the past three days. Greek yogurt and dill, btw, so you can really appreciate just how strange a meal it was.

The pregnant with ideas part comes in because

1) What a weird freakin thing to eat! Am I preggers??? (The answer is no.)

2) This is exactly the sort of bizarre crap Cera would have eaten before Nikki.

Cera would have taken one look through my pantry and fridge, seen the potato salad needing to be eaten up, tasted the tuna being too dry and gone “Ta-da! Problem solved.” And been immensely pleased with herself, I might add.

I’m still kind of on the fence with the whole thing. :/



5 thoughts on “It’s like I’m pregnant- with ideas

  1. I hate when I forget to take things to potlucks! Or when there is too much food at them (always) and I end up bringing home most of what I brought… I think that’s part of the reason I started bringing my GF-garlic bread (I will happily eat that whole 2lb loaf myself, thank you very much…not that there is ever leftovers of that, it’s AWESOME) or rice-and-beans (easy to mix it up for leftovers for the next..week.)


    • Cera is the newest from the Asylum/Havenverse. So far, her story is completely unconnected to the other characters’ plot line(s), but if she’s anything like the rest, some massive “Whoa- THAT’S how you fit?!??” is just around the corner. 😛

      Oh, and she’s Miri’s distant cousin, which I guess also makes her Nica’s distant cousin, but we’re talking at least 5 generations back to find a common relation distant.


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