Weekly Writing Goals: August, week 4

Holy shit is August really over already? O.O

On the plus side, it’s been a SUPER productive week. We found some new characters, and we’ve already cracked 20k with them. This is not counting the work I’ve gotten done on Ash’s story and Miri’s story, or the editing I’ve done on Rain’s story and Asylum.

This has been a super good writing week you guys. So excited. 🙂

Rain’s story

Updates: My main beta and I are almost 75% through this beast. This is more exciting than there are words for. (Also, happy birthday, J. 🙂 Hope it’s been a good one).

Current Progress: About 3/4 through first edits

Ultimate Goal: Publication, self or trad, doesn’t matter, but it’s formatted like a “normal” novel, so there.

Setbacks: Distracted by Cera.

Goodies: Probably on track to write the second book for this year’s NaNo.


Current Progress: First couple of chapters nearly ready for betas.

Ultimate Goal: Web-serial, fo sho

Setbacks: Every time I hit a concept that needs serious re-working, I get discouraged, and walk away for a little bit til it bugs me again that it’s not getting worked on.


Current Progress: Miri’s story has hit a snag, partially because ALL THE CERA, ALL THE TIME

Ultimate Goal: ya know, I’m not even sure with these side stories anymore

Setbacks: Not enough hours in the day, and Cera keeps getting distracted by other parts of her story. Seriously, this girl is all over the place.


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