LBB has a name!

Been working on Ash’s story again, for no real reason I can figure out, and the infamous LBB (short for Lord Baddy Butt, if you’ll recall) finally has a name!

…unfortunately, it’s not the name I’d come up with for him driving home for Christmas a few months ago. That name was PERFECT, but alas, it didn’t get written down, and I completely forgot it.

But I ran this name by him in the text and it stuck, so while it’s cheesey and kinda cliche, so is the House of Blood.

May I present to you: Lord Black.

Yup, that’s it. Lord Black. Ridiculous, no?

But he comes at just the right time, because I’ve hit the point in editing Rain’ story where she runs into the HoB goonies, so there’s some serendipity there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

That’s why Lord Black was just LBB for so long. I’m really, really bad about getting hung up on names, and completely losing what I’ve been writing. Cera’s story almost didn’t get off the ground, because I just couldn’t come up with a name for where she worked. “The Crucible” was all that was coming to mind, but that’s a real place, and I hesitated to use it, to the point that I lost the intro. I finally just settled on calling it Circles, after Dante, and so far it’s worked pretty well, but I was dangerously close to never getting Cera off the ground at all.

All because of a stupid name.


3 thoughts on “LBB has a name!

  1. Names are terrible! Right now I’m struggling with place and thing names (certain herbs unique to the worlds, etc)… but that’s really just because I haven’t introduced any new characters who didn’t have a name yet. SH and VG (Stupid-Head, and Villain-Guy) still are lacking names.
    I have, also revered to a few standby’s from time to time. Yitbin being a favorite (pronounced Yit-been. Short for “Yet-To-Be-Named, in sleepy talk).


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