Tumblr Highlights: July

July has come and gone, and with it, Asylum’s Birthday! How exciting is that? As a present for you all, here’s July’s Tumblr Highlights.

Character Look Alikes  and Asylum’s Second Skin had some nice additions this month, as well as a few pics that aren’t exactly character look alikes, but character inspired? I mean, something about these just screams Kain, Natalia and Rain to me. And then this tattoo… it lies somewhere between a look a like and an inspire for Rhapsody.

Also somewhere between Second Skin and just plain silly were these photo sets of Chris (sorta) and Marie.

And fully in the realm of just plain silly, I saw this and immediate thought of Zig.

I’ll leave you all with this yummy, yummy treat of what I imagine Naj will look like at some point when he’s learning to ribbon dance with Nica.


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