Throwback Thursday: Summer 2008

Today’s Daily Post got me thinking about the songs I used to write way back when, and since it’s Thursday, I thought “Why not? Let’s do our first Throwback Thursday”. Not sure if it was actually written in the summer, but the last semesters of undergrad saw a lot of songwriting from me, and this one has always been my favorite.

sing to me sanity
like dew drops and mercury
color me like the moon

weave me security
above me beneath me
as i stagger and dip and swoon

this path I lead
is unwravling
i watch as it takes wing

this life i walk
is a broken clock
that’s half-tween night and morning

won’t you waaaaaake me
won’t you breeeaaak me
won’t you taaaaaaak me
to the far side of santiy

sing to me sanity
like lifebelts and gravity
dance me across the sky

take my uncertainty
shape it into a key
unlock my hows and whys

this book I weave
has taken leave
with all my fears and senses

this web I write
is not so tight
it leaves me quite defenseless

so won’t you waaake me
won’t you breeeaak me
won’t you taaaake me
to the far side of sanity


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