Daily prompt: Musical Markers

Today’s Daily Prompt asks what song will always remind of this summer. While I don’t know that these songs will specifically remind me of Summer 2014, I’ve always been one that’s very “song of the moment”. I’m just terrible with memory. πŸ˜› So while I won’t necessarily remember that I found Bitter Ruin in 2014, this is the song that’s been eating my brain.

More likely, if I look back in time and try to remember what I was doing Summer 2014, I’ll dig through my writing and find that Cait and I started work on a story featuring a very young Kain and his “sister” Kaiya. Part of how we found our way into those characters was through the end of their story, a tragic parting of ways, embodied for me at least, in Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons. If it hits you like it did me, it’s a helluva downer, but luckily they follow it up with Rocks, which has the happiest sounds in the world. (Seriously, try not to smile while belting out “Boom ba doom ba doom- oooh oh ooooh oh!” It’s impossible. Just give up and smile).

This quickly grew into Tiptoe being sung “Kaiya- don’t let him know you’re coming, Kaiya- tiptoe quiet…” I simply can’t hear the song any other way, and I don’t care. Those two made me happy for a time, and I like lingering on those happier days for their sakes.

So that’s been the soundtrack of my summer- so far. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Musical Markers

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