Summer “vacation”

So, you all haven’t noticed, cause I’m awesome like that, but it’s been harder and harder to get something posted up every day. With the new job and the upcoming move, there’s just not as much of me to go around right now.

That being said, I’m not going anywhere.

I still have my regular features queued up til like October, baring the weekly writing goals, but surely I can manage ONE post a week. And I’ll still share the little gems I find on Tumblr as I try desperately to unwind from one job to the next (did I mention I’m working two jobs at the moment?) so there’ll still be lots to look at, just not as much by way of the excerpts (cause I don’t really have the time/energy to write right now) or the blogging event stuff like Writing 101.

But the move will be done mid-August, and surely in a month I’ll have learned how to bake all the things, right?


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