Weekly Writing Goals: July, week 2

This week has seen almost NO writing from me. Between adjusting and training with the new job and the fact that Miri’s story is hung up on the two most UNCOOPERATIVE CHARACTERS EVER,  what writing I have done has either been crap or flat thrown out. I can’t “hear” everybody right, if they’re even bothering to say something useful in the first place.

But on the upside, my younger sister has started reading Rain’s story me, and I’m beyond thrilled about that, so that more than makes up for any angst about not writing. I am on cloud 9 over here (or maybe that’s the sleep deprivation talking :P)

Rain’s story

Current Progress: COMPLETED! Undergoing it’s first round of edits and beta reading, about half-way through with both.

Ultimate Goal: Publication, self or trad, but a legit book for sure. It’s not got the same structuring issues that make Asylum weblit

Setbacks: TITLE!!! Time! The usual.


Current Progress: …halted, while I learn the fine art of editing on Rain’s story. However, some interesting periphery has been rolling through our heads, so that’s fun…

Ultimate Goal: Web-serial, and rivaling fan clubs for Seth and Kain (maybe even Team shirts?)

Setbacks: can’t move forward, we’ve lost the characters mindsets, but don’t want to start editing it just yet, because… I’m scared?


Current Progress: Miri’s story is CRAWLING because Eve is a butt, and Nema needs things to go just so but won’t tell us how because that’s “interfering”.

Ultimate Goal: more Web-lit probably, but maybe some traditional pub going on in there to, self or otherwise

Setbacks: Characters. Can’t work with em, can’t work without em.


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