Weekly Writing Goals: June, week 4

I am really glad I decided not to try a Camp Nano for July. This past week as been INSANE.

I work from 1 am to 10 am now- yup, smack in the middle of the night- so it’s more like I have FOURTEEN 12-hour days in a week, broken up by 1-3 cute little hours of sleep.

Yeah, it’s been an adjustment.

I think I’m going to like it, but it’s gonna take some work. Obviously, the writing has suffered a little bit, but I don’t feel bad, because EVERYTHING is suffering this week, so it’s all good.

I’m so glad I decided to take a 3 day vacation this week.

Rain’s story

Updates; Got my Beta to the messiesst of all the scenes, in my opinion. I think it’s going well, but I can see I’ll have a lot of work ahead of me when I come back through. But it’s a lot cleaner than I thought it was, which is nice.

Current Progress: COMPLETED! Undergoing it’s first round of edits.

Ultimate Goal: Publication, self or trad, but a legit book for sure. It’s not got the same structuring issues that make Asylum weblit

Setbacks: TITLE!!! Distracted by other projects at times. Don’t want to finish cause then I have to query it and that’s scary. 😛


Current Progress: …halted, while I learn the fine art of editing on Rain’s story

Ultimate Goal: Web-serial, and rivaling fan clubs for Seth and Kain (maybe even Team shirts?)

Setbacks: can’t move forward, we’ve lost the characters mindsets, but don’t want to start editing it just yet, because… I’m scared?


Current Progress: Miri’s story is BOOKIN’ IT towards its finish line, other side projects are more or less on halt

Ultimate Goal: more Web-lit probably, but maybe some traditional pub going on in there to, self or otherwise

Setbacks: well, there’s an EPIC CRAP TON of side projects, and a lot of them need us to progress Asylum first.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: June, week 4

  1. I’m just working ONE job and struggling on keeping up on the small handful of projects I’ve got going… I can’t imagine how you are managing all that work, a multitude of writing projects, and a social life.


  2. I have yet to get clones. How sweet that would be, but we’d all want to write and not do the other stuff. I work 3rd as I’ve mentioned before so I FEEL you truly. When you start to query, feel free to give me a shout. We’re trying to help Taylor with her stuff right now. You’ve got support. Just gotta reach out and ask. It isn’t that scary really. More frustrating than scary.


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