The Experiment: Social Media Spotlight on Tumblr

I’ve been giving A LOT of thought to social media since connecting everything to the Publicize button back during Zero to Hero, Blogging 101. I think each of the big sites has something different to offer, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on each as part of The Experiment. I’m by no means an “expert”, but these are my guiding thoughts for each site.


Tumblr is like browsing the entire internet at all once, or like having a very large music collection on shuffle. Depending on the things you’ve chosen to put into it, your experiences will vary.

It’s a two part beast, much like blogging is. There’s what you choose to put out there, and what you choose to follow.

For my Tumblr, I’m very selective with following blogs, because I obsessively try to look at EVERYTHING on my Dashboard (Reader) and when I first started Tumbling, I would literally lose HOURS. So now I follow a few select blogs that I know produce content I’d like to see all the time, and for the rest, I follow tags.

So that part of Tumblr is just like WordPress.

Where Tumblr differs is the kind of stuff you choose to publish. Tumblr users have a much shorter attention span, so Tumblr is great for pictures, gif, quotes, and read more links. Really long Tumblr posts are very often skimmed or skipped over entirely, so its better to save stuff like that for WP.

I use my Tumblr as an add on- posting images that help bring Asylum to life in some way. Part of it straight forward, like character look a likes, but part of it is more subtle. I let Zig and Seth post things, and that’s a window into who they are. I also post things just because I like them, and that’s an insight into me- helping readers figure out who I am helps them figure out if they want to read my books.

So Tumblr is like WP with a short attention span, Twitter with no character limit, and Pintrest, but I dot use Pintrest so I don’t know how Tumblr is different exactly.

Quick content is exactly the idea! It’s really good for “1 a day” posts too- like if you have a big questionnaire, breaking it down to one answer a day (or two or three throughout the day) is a pretty popular thing for Tumblr.
It’s a very visual heavy medium, but short quotes get a lot of love too. I’m collecting my favorite lines as I write, and I’ll post them to Tumblr as I release the works their from. It’s a quick to grab someone’s attention, and then I get to show those one liners that made me stop while writing and go “Oooh, this is Good.”

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