Tumblr Highlights: June

Another month down-I can’t believe it, but we’re coming up on Asylum’s birthday! I should really look up the exact date before it passes us by… Til then, here’s the Tumblr highlights from June.

Character Look Alikes is another tag I’ve added that’s a lot like Asylum’s Second Skin. It’s a little broader than just pictures of people – Zig’s dog and tattoo style have made appearance too, as well as some dance styles that might appear in Asylum. This tag is a general catch all for things that fit how I visualize the world.

This #WeNeedDiverseBooks entry really made my day. 🙂

This stunning photo set reminded Seth reminded him of the Chimera Wars – which he really ought to be too young to remember personally, but it sparked something in him, so hopefully seeing it again will spark again? We can only hope…

This dance video was another character spark, this time for Emily. (You all remember how Emily was learning from Seth to dance in the serpent style, don’t you?)

This dance video is delightfully bizarre, and reminds me of the constant struggle for control of the show between Dev and Nica at Asylum.

And this one is just plain funny and makes me laugh every time I see it.

And, for whatever reason, ALL the pictures of cheetahs this month. Seriously. So many. Hope you like Kain, erm, I mean, cats.



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