Weekly Writing Goals: June, week 3


This will mean working third shift, but it will also mean ONLY working third shift, so I can get something like a regular schedule going, which will be so awesome, I can’t even say. I can set a time to write EVERY DAY. I can set up a circadian rhythm. I can know that I will never be asked to work outside of a range of 12 hours – only 12 hours! Not the 17-19 I was always “on call” as the GM- I can have a life around work again! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

Ahem. Anyways.

For a week where I’ve had to work more than usual, I’ve gotten a lot done. I seem to have developed a habit of writing us into a “Raeven does all the writing now” corner. My characters have been setting themselves up to tell Cait’s character a story. Jean told Miri about his past, Kaiya told Kairag about her first “hunting trip”, and Ash has a huge swath of her own day to cover before we get back to Kestrel. It seems I’m in the mood to write short stories, I guess.

With Camp NaNo July coming up, I’ve been seriously debating a project of “Seth’s stories”, but I’m sort of loathe to distract myself with other things right now. I tend to use NaNo as a motivational tool for things I don’t want to do that I should – but handily enough, right now I want to be doing everything I should. I’d hate to interrupt that. We’ll see.

I seem to go through phases of generating and editing – I can’t seem to do one while doing the other. So Rain’s story hasn’t gotten a lot of time while I’ve been working at Ash, Kairag and Jean… but them’s the breaks, I guess. I got a little done the other morning, just enough to tip me over the half-way mark, but that was snuck in at the very end of the week. Mostly, it’s been a writing week.

And a “GETTING A FREAKIN’ JOB” kinda week. 😛



so happy! :3


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