Tumblr Highlights: May

A little late, but I decided I’d like to do a monthly recap of the goodies I post on Tumblr. That way, anyone smart enough to avoid the black hole doesn’t have to miss out. I’ll do another one for June when the month runs out.

Asylum’s Second Skin is how I tag any pictures of the shapeshifters second forms. Some of these might be spoilers, but I highly doubt it. Most of our shapeshifters are very open about their animals, so you’ll know them pretty much as soon as you meet them. Fun tag to check in on every now and again, if you like pretty pictures of animals.

Vertical Tango This couple is stunning, and this art form beyond impressive. If you’ve got a few spare minutes to be amazed, give it a watch. This isn’t a horribly common dance form in Asylum, but Nica can do it, so Seth will learn.

A moment with Zig and Jules that’s pretty cute. We do this a lot, actually, but I don’t always think to write this stuff down.

We are all wonder women rant I also sort of hate posting rants to the internet, because strong words with strong feelings almost never communicate rationally. But I think some of you might be interested in what I had to say, so I’ll put it out there and see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Tumblr Highlights: May

  1. Hey, Tumblr isn’t a complete black-hole… I find it providing a very nice place for me to post shorter reflections, and share lots of fun little things (and thought-provoking, and just interesting) that I find along the way. It is a very productive use of a long-bus commute… really it is.
    Love the highlights 🙂


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