Weekly Writing Goals: June, week 2

Geez- another week where I almost didn’t make it! Surely, by year’s end, you all will see the Procrastination post I use to keep myself motivated. But  not today. 😀

This week was good. We’re up to 25 pages on Craig’s story, approaching 100 on Cirque, and I’m nearly at the half-way mark with my first edit through of Rain’s story.

And I’m having loads of fun on my gratuitous candy play collab, but that’s another story. 😛

I’m hitting the point where I’m really considering what I want to do with Rain’s story when it’s all polished up. It’s a pretty straight forward YA novel format – no crazy weblit plans here. But I’m so loathe to make my start on YA. I hate writing YA. It’s boring to me. I want there to be lots of sex and lots of violence and I want it to be ok that character rape each other all the time, or try to pull limbs off, or skin people. Does it actually happen much? Well, no, not really, unless we’re dealing with X character, Y character or Z character (ha, that’s funny, as Z is actually one of my most disturbing characters :P). But the point is, I want the freedom for those characters to be as gritty crazy as they need to be, and I can’t do that in YA.

So what do I do? Query for Rain’s story anyways and hope that if it gets accepted, no one asks me to write more? Not an option I’m thrilled about. I could self-pub, but I worry about kids liking Rain’s stuff and then reading Xaph stuff (oh look, my X character :P) or something like. I don’t want to lure 12 years old with something kinda dark (cause Rain’s story has some death in it, I”ll be upfront about that) and then have them read something where people are regularly raped and tortured casually. Like, just a part of life. Because for some characters, it is. Doesn’t mean it always gets graphic screen time, but it’s still there, and it’s still presented with an attitude that I don’t like for kids.

I could use a pen name, but Rain features in a lot of the more adult books, once she grows up. I hate to try and sort out all that mess.


What to do, what to do…


7 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: June, week 2

  1. I’m glad that the writing is going well. Right now, I untangled a plot snarl that had me going in circles for months which is always nice when it just works out in the writing.

    YA and adult novels are getting blurred, especially with many adults reading the Harry Potter series, Twilight, Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments series. However, you seem to have drawn a very distinct line between YA and adult in your novels.

    Many authors write novels for both adults and teens. Meg Cabot writes for both teens and adults. Many novelists have crossed over if you want to query Rain’s story and one of your more adult stories at the same time, you have every right to do so and see if both would be accepted. If you loathe writing YA, you can publish Rain’s novel and get your name in the publishing world before you try and get some of your more ‘adult’ writing out there. Meg Cabot wrote the Princess Diaries series, which you are probably aware of, since they had two movies based off of them. I think that she had 10 books in that series? The 11th book, Ransom my Heart, Meg wrote for adults and told readers specifically on her website. So, if she did it, I’m pretty sure that you could to. With Game of Thrones being so popular (and those books get away with a LOT), your books would probably appeal to those fans.

    Just because you publish one YA book doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it. And with how imaginative your worlds and your characters are, I’m sure that any publisher will want more. I know that I do, with all I’ve read. 🙂 Don’t feel like you have to put yourself in a box–if you want to stop writing YA after Rain’s story then you have every right to do so.

    And I do hope that you’ll publish Seth sometime. Hee, Seth.



    • What I’m worried about is the fact that they’re the same story. Rain features heavily in the more adult books, and I don’t think it’s fit for kids.

      I suppose I could try to tone it down a bit, but we all know how I feel about the Taming of Gabriel Donovan. 😛


      • Well, it’s like I said before: Mia was in Meg Cabot’s Princess Diary series and the very same character was in the adult book with more adult situations than her teen novels and that worked out. Your adult books probably won’t be a good fit for kids, but Rain’s story (right now) sounds safe in YA territory. If she is also featured in your adult novels, kids probably wouldn’t wander over into that section. (I never did. In fact, I still hardly ever DO! 🙂 ) You could let your publisher know your problem and then see what they decide. They may even set you up with a different publisher who can publish your more adult fare.

        Yes, I am also very against taming my characters or censoring them. I wouldn’t even try with Gabriel, slippery bastard that he is. He needs someone to be the really big bad so he can see what it feels like. (Of course, he would probably like that!) :-p



      • Just a thought: but is there anyway you could tone Rain’s story *up* a little? I mean, only if you think more adult content would work with the plot. I definitely don’t encourage adding violence and such just for the sake of violence. But it sounds to me that so much of that exists in the world; could you maybe peek around some darker aspects of her story so that any kids who pick up the book would at least know what they’re getting into if they want to follow the series?


      • Huh. That is actually quite brilliant. It never occurred to me, because is a hero that clearly belongs in YA, but her world is pretty dark. And there’s actually already a lot of places I could grim it up.

        Thanks a lot!


      • I still can’t believe this fist occur to me- I end the book with a corpse for crying out loud!

        …is it wrong that I’m looking forward to putting Rain through a little more hell? 😛


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