Very Superstitious

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! As promised, I’ve gathered a handful of superstitions from around Asylum/Havenverse.


Plant fey w:moonstone at the feet and sunstone at the head, so that they reach for the sky, but know the dark goddess to which they must return. breech births given as servants to the dark goddess, as they are already hers.

??? -Child’s true name given to an animal to guard when they’re young till they get an adult name

Red cobras are born in blood- they stain their mothers womb red with death. Note: all red cobras I know of have been either twins or only children, so there might be something too this.

White snakes are not to be trusted- they have Ice in their hearts and do not heed either Li’Daea not Il’Dao’s call. Note: this ties in to Kalean fear of destroyers, though I’m not 100% sure on how.

Zig: never drink in the Underground without offering a libation, or she’ll dump you in or closet when you stumble to the bathroom and you’ll puke in your favorite shoes.

Bonus! Cait added some too!

Witches: never enter someone’s house for the first time without bringing an offering or gift, not only is it rude, but it’s thought that if you come empty handed, you’re wishing ill will on the household

Witch: baby’s first stuffed animal always has a protection charm in the belly and must be in their crib every night


3 thoughts on “Very Superstitious

  1. Ohh! These are lovely! Thank you! (And one of them would apply to me if I was one of these wonderful creatures. O.O)

    For Zig about offering the ‘liberation’, is the ‘she’ that he is talking about the owner of the Underground? (It’s not like the Goddess or something, right?)

    I also love the witches gift of the stuffed animal and the baby. Can the child continue to keep the animal as they get older? When they become a teen, can the protection charm be taken out of the stuffed animal and fashioned as a necklace? I think that if I was a witch, I would want to do that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I hope that it is a happy and beautiful day for us all!


    • The Underground herself kinda has a mind of her own. Most fey sithens do, an they’re shaped by the personality of the one who rules them- so needless to say, the Underground can get a little silly at times.


    • This is Caitlin: I meant to reply to this the other day, but we were a bit busy, so sorry for the delay.

      On the witches’ gift for a child bit – the way the charm works is that it absorbs ill intent or harmful effects. It’s a bit of a buffer for the child at night in case anything nasty gets past the parents’ wards (though that should never happen – hence the superstition). When a witch is just a baby, their aura is very thin and they’re magically vulnerable. They depend on their mother’s aura (fed to them when breastfeeding) to protect them. This charm essentially acts as a security backup. As with most amulet/charms, it’s actually quite ugly in appearance – lumpy clay worked with herbs/strings/carved with symbols. At a certain age, the amulet is actually taken out of the toy and destroyed. Once the child’s aura/magic is developed enough that they can fend off basic ill will, then the charm is no longer necessary (not to mention if it’s doing it’s job, it’ll be full of negative content by that point and probably shouldn’t be kept around anyways).

      Now, the mermaids do have a protection pearl that is started at a child’s birth and harvested when they reach puberty – that will then be incorporated into jewelry for the child to wear, but that’s another story. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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