A thousand words?

I’ve been contemplating adding more pictures to my posts. I’m kind of on the fence about it. On the one hand, everyone loves pretty pictures. They set the tone for what’s going on. On the other hand, I know me – I’ll get sucked into Google searches for hours looking for exactly the right pictures. Tumblr is bad enough for me.

But the right picture – or any picture, really- sets the tone for a piece early and easily. A crumpled tissue tells me the writer is under the weather. A ruler tells me some guidelines for X are likely coming up. A stopwatch means some time based thing, maybe quick habits to develop or something.

I dunno. I’m still pretty undecided, but Doctor Days here, I’m all captiony minded lately. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. We’ll just have to see.

What are you best practices for including photos in your posts? How do you keep from getting sucked down the image search rabbit hole?


2 thoughts on “A thousand words?

  1. I’m so torn on this one! I like how the pictures add to the post — give a little variety, and it looks pretty on the blog-page. But I want to primarily use pictures that I’ve taken myself, or that are done by friends (with their permission of course). Otherwise I spend way too much time in not just looking for the pictures, but in trying to confirm that they’re free to use and not some sort of copyright violation (because I have spent too much time in academia, with concerns of proper citation…?)


  2. And of course you can get sued for showing copyrighted pictures. Has me wondering if I need to keep my pintrest site. Make your own or ?? I dunno. Pictures don’t sell me on a blog post, but they do others.


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