Writing 101, Day 1: Freewrite

Writing 101 Day 1 is an easy one- just write. Free write, for 20 mins. I do that all the time. Let’s go on a ramble (or as I like to call them, Nature hike through the mind).

We used to do free writing in my first creative writing class- high school. Man, we were so lucky to have that. It was a small country town that worshiped the round sports ball and not much else. We got a freshfaced excited English teacher – almost Mr. Fitz from pretty little liars, but sans the inappropriate student interactions. Just so excited about the world. We once broken him in a bit on assignment about apathy. I don’t know that I ever finished the greeting card assignment. I’m so jealous I missed his drama club.

Freewrite was also pretty much the basic idea behind Writers’ Guild in college. I thought. I dunno what everyone else thought. I didn’t always wanna know what everyone else thought. They’d tell you anyways though, if you slowed down long enough to listen. Or didn’t.

The best writing prompts: Mother Earth stillbirth, taken from home, midnight cravings – I can still remember helping my lady try to come up with them when she took her turn as president. Some of my best songs came from that time to – honestly, little better than stringing together writing prompts.

Sing to me Sanity

Of dew drops and mercury

Color me like the moon…

I don’t know where it all went wrong. Composition classes were good, they were good, they made me a stronger writer, even if I could seem to throw out a life boat for anyone else.

Did I stop writing after adam?

I don’t know that I ever stopped writing, I don’t know that I ever will. There was just a time when I was so sure that I simple wasn’t allowed…

A friend of mine says Asylum has always been there, waiting for us, waiting for the right ones to come along. I would believe it. Looking back on all the stories I’ve half started and then abandoned… They’ve always been there, waiting.

I wonder about Kain sometimes. He’s not like the others. Sure, Seth has taken on quite a life of his own, but he is still me, I can feel the piece of my soul in him and his in mine. We are il’li-a, pieces of each other spread out across the Universe, lost among the stars.

Kain is different.

I wonder a lot about Golden Eyes. I seldom dare to say his name, but I think of him all the time. I wonder if he is an Asylumer, waiting for us to know he’s there, or if he is something more sinister, something that only Frost can stop.

I wonder where Frost has gone.

It’s been so long since I’ve needed him, really needed him, but then there was all that mess with Kain and the Shadow…

“I’ll always need you Hoggle, all of you.”

I swore I would never turn him away. Oh, the stupid things you promise yourself in the dark, when all you can hear is the frantic beating of your heart.

I promise I’ll always need you.


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