Zero to Hero: Day 29, behind the scenes

…I swear, the Zero to Hero people are looking over my shoulder. I just finished drafting “No more bullets” (and turned right around and took another draft out of the pool), and now I’m supposed to plan out 30 days worth of posts.

Yes, ok, not 30 posts, but at least the next 30 days worth of blogging. Which for me might mean 30 posts, might not. I think the assignment itself said it best:

  • Be realistic. it’s better to schedule two posts a month you know you can publish than a daily post you’ll miss six days out of seven.
  • Budget for interaction. Remember that publishing is only part of blogging — make sure you leave yourself time to engage with the community.
  • Write it down. if it’s only in your head, it’s not really a calendar. Use your phone’s calendar, a note-taking app, or pen and paper. Having written notes helps you stay on track and measure your progress.

So what am I planning? We’ll go June 9 to July 9, because random numbers are lovely like that. And because it starts us off on a Monday, which is nice.

  • Mon-Wed 9, 10, 11- Doctor Days. Love me some Doctor Days
  • Thur 12
  • Sat 14 – Weekly Writing Goals, Also something else because I like to double up on weekends
  • Sun 15- Sketch and a weekend double up
  • Mon 16
  • Tue 17
  • Wed 18
  • Thurs 19
  • Fri 20
  • Sat 21-Weekly Writing Goals
  • Sun 22
  • Mon 23
  • Tue 24
  • Wed 25-Sketch
  • Thur 26
  • Fri 27
  • Sat 28-Weekly Writing Goals
  • Sun 29
  • Mon 30
  • Tue 1
  • Wed 2
  • Thurs 3
  • Fri 4
  • Sat 5 – Sketch
  • Sun 6
  • Mon 7 – Weekly Writing Goals
  • Tue 8
  • Wed 9 – And we’re back around to Doctor Days

I lucked out this month, in that most of my regularly scheduled posts fall on the weekends, which is when I like to be post heavy. I wanna do something awesome for Fri 13 – maybe post some superstitions from the Asylum/Havenverse. Maybe I can get Onyx to tell everyone a ghost story. I’ll have to get that drafted and scheduled soon though, cause the weekend will be a busy one for me.

But see how nice it was to look ahead and not miss that gem of a day? Calendars are fun! 😛


3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 29, behind the scenes

  1. Calendars are much fun.. I just need to start sticking to mine. But then I go all like “well, but this isn’t really a full week-day post in itself” or “I want this up now, I don’t want to wait until Wednesday for it” and end up with double-post days like yesterday, when I have NO POSTS on my schedule….


  2. I actually set up a calendar yesterday and already messed up the schedule. :p I am good at interacting with the community, but not so great on writing my own stuff and I started to blog to do this. So, I need to get going on that. Thanks for the suggestions and I like how you set up your calendar. I need to switch to something like that. I think it would work better for me. 😀


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