21 Harsh Truths from the Greats #21

21. Don’t take anyone’s writing advice too seriously. – Lev Grossman

Original Post

This is it, the last one. And the most important. Because as much as writing is a craft, it is also an art, and more importantly than that, it is a way for our souls to speak. Let them speak freely.

Every author has said this in someway at some time. I’m reminded of the Neil Gaiman quote about letting people tell you what works for them, and remembering that they’re just them, not the be all end all of writing. Listen when someone says something doesn’t work, don’t listen when they tell you exactly how to fix it. You’re the one writing it, not them. Or something like that. Paraphrasing is a glorious thing.

The important part is to remember the YOU part of “You are writing this, not them.” Only YOU can tell the stories within you (Neil again, I think. Man has some lovely ideas). When you’re stuck, see what has worked for others, but always remember that YOUR heart is the one that holds this story.

Let it shine.



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